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[Vanilla, XPM CTF] antares-ctf1_b2 (Silica CTF)

I made my first CTF map.
Fun facts:
- It's slightly based off my DM map, but its less insane with the use of warpzones.
- Has some influence from Spider Crossings.
- It's b2 already because b1 was demonstrated to be unsatisfactory by bots
- Server debut was November 24th

Feedback I'm looking for is item placements, but I can adjust the layout of geometry.
Note about performance, toasters for some reason aren't raped as hard in this version of the fish tank as in the DM map.
The team bases are still toaster friendly.

Design Notes:
-  Highlighted Xonotic mechanic for the map is wallbangs.
Upper floors and walkways are very thin.

- Fish tank in the middle.
If you're great with guiding rockets, you can shoot straight through the water tank.
If you have r_water 0 you can still see the rocket flying through the tank, but you can't aim through the warpzone.

- Strength spawns in the middle's fish tank.
This is so Strength can't be as aggressively rushed (water viscosity) nor waited at (drowning). Someone overly belligerent can get trapped by suppressing fire at both entrances.

- Top floor (Middle) has glass walkways so players from lower floors can wallbang without prediction or guesswork

- Top floor (Middle) has shortest path between bases.

- 2nd floor (Middle) has the most health and armor pickups.

- Glass columns at base exist to facilitate ricochets and help defenders ambush would-be flag carriers from base's top floor.

- Vortex does not spawn on the map, by request.
Komier has brainwashed many players
The closest you get is every 2 minutes, a Strength spawns and your MG secondary does 90 damage at best.
Unfortunately this makes the map designed in favor of MG's longer range over the Arc.

- Bands around the middle side-pillars are for ramp jumping
From rest and the side with a 25h nearest, it's doable with one good circle jump, but having it be on the tough side was a little unintentional and part aesthetic concern.

- The small incline on the wall behind flag can be ramp jumped
From rest, it needs a good circle jump too. However starting speed, e.g jumping through the hole to the flag to wall makes it straightforward.

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.pk3   antares-ctf1_b2.pk3 (Size: 1.29 MB / Downloads: 5)

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