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Hello all

I've always played Xonotic as a boredom killer because it was easy to pick up.
I'm going to be setting up a game night at a local business which will basically be a Xonotic Lan party. (just to note: for fun not profit) However I need to make some modifications to the game for the chain of command to approve it. I'm basically turning it into glorified laser tag.
Most of these things I can tweak in settings, but I would like to be able to remove any Gore since this will be reaching a wide audience. I assume I can find any information needed in the forums but if anyone can point me in the right direction as to easy tools or resources I would appreciate it.
I'm also trying to find the best way to execute this because I've never done it before. Should I have a bunch of computers run on a network boot? Set up an army of USB flash drive Linux distros? Grab some crazy dual CPU Xeon machine and make a multi seat set up? If anyone knows the best approach I'm welcome to suggestions.
Thanks for having me!

Hi, there are plenty console commands you missed so I think no modification needed.

useful consolecommands:
search <text> --lists all console commands that include the text(-snipped) you provided
sv_gentle - removes all blood and reference to 'killing' (from server forcing all clients(players))
cl_gentle - the same but clientside only

The last part I'd just suggest to let it run on the computers you have as it runs on win/linux and the other apple branded linux distribution.
You can setup servers for others to join ingame or via the dedicated executable in the main folder.
And for the config you might wanna have an autoexec.cfg somewhere appropriate(there is a folder that loads it automatiacally) so your custom configured xonotic runs by default.

Welcome and have fun! Smile

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