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Are there any changes for the Arc, Electro planned?

So i'm just curios and forgive me if these questions have been answered or discussed already.
But what's the plan with the ARC? I've been on a Server just yesterday and some users stated that they really would love to see the weapon in the game more often (and i agree).
If i remember it correctly the plan was the replace the MG with the Arc? Is this still a thing and are there plans to make it happen?
Another thing i'm curios about is the electro. Especially in Teammodes the Gun often causes an annoying spamfest which also hits hard on performance. Are there any plans for these guns?

We have opinions from both sides, in terms of Arc. I even remember seeing both in the same map (?). Luckily admins can choose what to do.
I agree that Electro may cause spamfests. I myself love it (well since that's one of the few ways for me to score with my limited skill level), and think it's a strategy. Admins can always tune its damages. I also appreciate that freedom.

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