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Question and Rant on the LG and MG changes.

TLDR: I Like the Machine Gun and hate the idea of a Lightning Gun.

Warning: this post is rant-y

I have been shocked to be frank that the devs want to have a Lightning Gun (LG) added to the game, and on top of that removing the most useful weapon in the game - the Uzi/Machine Gun (MG).

So my question is why do people want a LG? I see no purposes for it.

In every game that has a Lightning Gun there are a few problem with it; it shoots too short, eats up too much ammo and is a pain to use (and is a pain to have used on one self).

The MG is way more useful, it is the most versatile weapon to have in the game. In close courters you use primary fire, and at long distance you use secondary. It is my go-to weapon in the game when there is no Rifle or Nex Gun in available.

My biggest problem with the LG is: "This is not Quake, Quake Live or Warsow". And as such I do not think that it needs a LG.

If I wanted an LG I would have played Quake or Warsow.

Sorry about this ranty post, I just needed to get this of my chest...
I am dyslexic... stop laughing...

To make one thing clear, changing from MG to LG won't effect the gameplay a lot. The only thing is that the randomness is absent in the LG, and it fits the Xonotic style better.

That the LG was OP, or chewed up a lot of ammo in othe games doesn't mean it'll be like that in Xonotic. The biggest gameplay difference will be the removal of the randomness, afaik it will stay the same gameplay wise. (Although secondary will most likely change, but it was useless anyway.)

And the LG will have infinite range?
I am dyslexic... stop laughing...

MG is not inf range.

If the lg won't be inf range perhaps the secondary mode can also extend range in addition to damage.

It probably won't be, because that would be OP as hell, unless damage diminished severely with range.

I don't like MG at all, and I'd rather LG take its place in a core set. I don't like MG mostly due to spread being a random factor deciding, whether you hit or not, regardless of your aiming skill. I do not think MG will be removed altogether, but rather relegated to secondary set (alongside with stuff like rifle or hlac) and reworked into sth more interesting.

just like in my balance chart

the major dislike of the mg is the fact that it uses bullet ammo and nothing else does ... it doesn't really fit style wise ... (yes rifle uses bullets too ... but not many maps have it ...)

but seriously ... lets wait till the lightning gun is here ... then we can complain about it ...

(note :: I dislike the warsow lightning gun too ...)

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