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My real life became hectic and overwhelming in the past months so I hadn't been able to play or participate in discussion. A few days ago, I caught some breathing space and started playing a little bit.

Today I met a player, and encouraged the player to join the forums and said "this is a great community." Later on, I decided to catch up with all the new posts since last November.

I was very shocked to learned about the conflicts and attacks that happened during this time. This is when I realized I have been very invested in this game/community. I also realized I have been too naive to expect permanent peace in the community. I forgot that we are all just humans and we all have our own ego to deal with, and it's extra hard during the pandemic.

Perhaps the silver lining is that some wisdom and maturity was shown and as a community we seem to have learned something.

May we all heal from the wounds.

Same thing happened to me. Amazing moderation work there that makes me feel ashamed as a moderator because I would neither haven been able to come anywhere near to that quality nor would I have found the time to attend to these conflicts with similar care. I think at least I myself have learned something from some of these posts - and definitively from Mr.Bougo. Again.
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Well said, my friend!

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