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[NEED HELP] Import map

hi there and i need to help i want to import  map from gamebanana  to xonotic, and i crashed with a textures problem. Soo can you help me[Image: Xonotic_22.05.2022_11_24_14.png?width=842&height=473]

You would have to put all the textures from Half-Life into your Xonotic texture folder. In the Radiant console it will complain it cannot find textures, maybe like this:

'sufaces/desert/sand01' not found
'sufaces/desert/sand02' not found
'sufaces/misc/crate05' not found

So you need to extract the Half-Life pak file and take those textures from it and copy them into your Xonotic folder.

Besides textures there are also shaders (animated or 3D  surfaces), which you probably have to create from scratch. And also models (more detailed 3D structures, like statues and ornaments). Either you discard those models or convert them to Xonotic's format.

I have never done this specifically, but this should be more or less how you have to approach the problem.

However, due to copyright you would strictly speaking not be allowed to put any assets from a copyrighted game (textures, shaders, models and original maps from the game) on a public server.

Also in Xonotic you can make huge jumps with blaster and bunny hops. If you take maps from a more realistic game, corridors will be so tiny and ceilings so low that you get stuck everywhere and bump against the skybox. It will not be fun to play, even if you scale the map size very high.
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