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[CTF] ctf_moba (league of legends/dota styled map)

Welcome to league of Xonotic.

I basically made a league of legends/dota map in xonotic as ctf map where you got to push the frontline into the enemy base to win.

Destroy the power-cores(1500hp) in the towers to unlock the next tower and the flag, capture once, win. Each tower is guarded by a tesla turret that will respawn after 5min if the power core is not destroyed.

There are monsters spawning on each ane for each team. (2/30sec per team per lane: 8 total)
If you destroy a tower on a lane your team unlocks 1 more monster on that lane.

Killing monsters earns your team XP to unlock perks you spawn with.
Every 20 XP will unlock 1 perk. (80XP to unlock all 4)

1XP = Minions(monsters that spawn for each team)
3XP = Jungle Monster (monster in the green area)
5XP = Boss (monster in the centre, that also opens a door to powerups and items)

The 4 Perks:
1) Crylink + 25 Armor + 25% Ammo
2) Mortar(GL) + 50 Armor + 50% Ammo
3) Vortex(Nex) + 75 Armor + 75% Ammo
4) Devastator(RL) + 100 Armor + 100% Ammo

Download ctf_moba beta3a
[Image: iiphwu8.png]

Top view:
[Image: 45g1i0g.png]

Base outside:
[Image: RdpENlE.png]

Base inside:
[Image: wN0r2zF.png]

Holo 3D-map that shows the status in each teams spawn room:
[Image: CccCl26.png]
[Image: wdBb627.png]

XP bar for th teams that show which perks your team has unlocked:
[Image: pROv3Pv.png]

Boss monster in the middle:
[Image: qSC0yJa.png]

Power core:
[Image: p79hX6O.png]
Red means its almost destroyed:
[Image: d6mLFz8.png]


Looks amazing, and the mechanics you say are included sound innovative enough to get even ctf "haters" like myself interested in playing it.
I am saying this without even trying it out but i feel certain enough to tell you: Great job sir.
Now do one for assault Smile You seem to have talent and ideas.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Thanks! Big Grin Actually it's quite fun to play it alone, fighting the monsters and figuring out how to destroy the towers. Online people seem to not like it as much. I think because their expectation of classic ctf is not met and the coordination needed as team to have an fun match is almost non existent. So I guess it's at most a fancy way of showing whats possible and xon.

I wish there were entities to build a symmetrical assault level. Where both need to defend and attack.
But I think it would not be feasible to make an assault map ^^'

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