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Team Velocity (NEW CREW)

Big Grin 
Good morning, I wanted to introduce my team and idea. I created a Discord server called Velocity, it will be the center hub for all comms. My plan is to get a handful of like-minded individuals to not only game together but create content and also host/compete in tournaments. I have designed a ranked system that I will use internally for FFA, and TDM, I'm not a fan of certain game modes and honestly only enjoy playing InstaGib. I'm not wanting to create issues with other orgs/clans, my purpose is to give people another reason to play and people they feel comfortable being around and gaming with. If I can get 2-5 more people on my [Image: star.png]"TEAM VELOCITY"[Image: star.png] and in the Discord I'd love to be able to connect with other groups and clans to setup dates and times for matches and Live stream it to my Kick page. Again, this is not to cause issues with other clans but I move at a fast pace and like things to be a certain way and most of the time other people just slow me down haha. I am also a graphic designer and video editor as my side job (Currently 11+ yrs active duty Army) and I already set up some cool looking ranks. I am finalizing the ranking system and really just want people to game with so please feel free to reach out or join my new Discord server for more information. In the future I would like to have prizes. 

I cannot do this alone and I would like your help. If you have been wanting to create or have ideas and would like to find a group of people to play with and record gameplay with, please connect with me.


CISN (my clan) will also focus on InstaGib. Why don't we partner clans ( on any Matrix client if you're interested)?

Do you Discord? I'm not sure what Matrix is

I don't have a Discord, which is why I offered Matrix.

You two should settle this Discord/Matrix dispute in a friendly Insta duel.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

(10-03-2023, 03:12 PM)Pendulla Wrote: You two should settle this Discord/Matrix dispute in a friendly Insta duel.

This is late, but we did an Insta duel with hook some time ago, and I got my tail handed to him. It wasn't for the Discord/Matrix stuff, but for fun. I kept up with the individual pretty well, though.

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