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Weekly FFA Insta+Hook ?

Would anybody be interested in a weekly (NA) InstaGib + Hook FFA ?

It would consist of a total of 10 players and I would spectate and stream it/ record it. 

I would keep track of all players stats by screenshot and report the scores to my spreadsheet points system to display winner. 

There would be 6 maps first to 30

This would obviously be trial and error as this goes but might be a fun event and plus it would help create content. 

It would be Saturday evening around 9 or 10pm CST

Let me know if you would be interested 🫡

I'm very interested (after all, I played you not that long ago). After all, I'm Pro-Am (with rust) at Instagib, since I decimate Godlike bots 1v1. I could also record a POV for a different prespective, since I do YouTube shenanigans, as you would know.

Sweet well there’s one, anymore? Really need like 10-20 people interested. We could even have “regional leaders” who could basically take charge and host events then all regional leaders could get together and present a ranked structure to agree on. So that way people outside of the “ping” limit could still participate.

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