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animated weapon models

Sorry I have no better Thread subject...

The question is, in a way, how much animation is possible with weapon models?

I'm not talking about "movement" animations per se, but more like particle effects?

First off, I am no seasoned modeller. I briefly read up on BSP/DPM/ZYM/IQM models and such from the git stuff and wiki, and found that animation on shooting should basically be possible with framegroups.
(And yay for IQM, seems there is finally a nice Blender workflow)
But I don't look for a recoil/movement animation.

SO what I would like to know is, can I for example light up parts of the weapon on/after shooting (like a discharge effect), or can I create a dynamic ammo counter on a weapon?

I like the Idea of having animated weapon ideas... Big Grin
this was discussed a few times ... but nothing has changed!
[Image: 788.png]

so it's not possible atm?

Then I won't even try Big Grin

Nah, rainerzufalldererste just posted an empty reply, nobody said it was or wasn't possible. I have no idea myself, all I know is that weapon models can have moving parts, for example the mortar and RL have had a sort of reload animation for some time.

Some said it's possible!
I'd love to see the potential of Xonotic Big Grin
[Image: 788.png]

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