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[SOLVED] Weird performance issues in Nexuiz

Hi there,

Sorry, I am a little confused right now. I actually thought that the Nexuiz forums are still active, but there, a moderator told me that it's basically dead while all Nexuiz members went here...
So I hope someone can help me on this issue:

Quote:Recently, I bought some new components for my PC, but for some strange reason, the performance in Nexuiz is very...weird

Phenom II X4 955 (3,2 GHz)
DDR3 4GB Ram (7-7-7-24)
9800 GTX (Driver = 256.36)

Further, the game is installed on a stripeset raid array.
Debian Testing x64 (Kernel should be 2.6.32-5-16, not exactly sure though)

If I play Nexuiz on maxed out settings, I usually have between 45 and 150 fps (ingame fps meter). Sounds great, but the performance feels like 15-20 fps. The game is barely playable tbh. This "felt" performance is much more smooth on medium settings, but even there, it feels like the fps are 25 max.

The really weird thing about this is that on my previous rig, the game ran very well on high settings.
Previous Hardware:
Athlone 64 x2 4600 (2,4GHz)
DDR2 2GB Ram
8600GT (some 196.xx drivers)

I didn't have the time to test other games as well, so far the only things I played on this hardware were MegaTen and Neverball (lol @ fps issues).

Does someone have an idea what I could do to troubleshoot this problem?

Edit: Sorry, forgot to include the Nexuiz Version. That being 2.5.2, installed from Debian official testing repositories

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[SOLVED] Weird performance issues in Nexuiz - by dark mayu - 07-13-2010, 03:36 PM

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