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Erebus tries Second Life

Two weeks ago, Erebus got fed up with having to fight in the arenas all the time. He wanted a little peace and a fun place to relax, to take a break from Xonotic and all the shooting. After some searching, he decided that a good place would be the Second Life virtual world, especially the open-source grids. So he took himself a vacation from all the fighting, and went to try out the experience of being a SL avatar.

Technical part: A while ago, Second Life implemented mesh support for avatars, allowing meshes to get rigged to the avatar skeleton and worn. Since the models in Xonotic are GPL, I ported Erebus and the pony / vixen models as a test. Surprisingly, I rigged and exported them quite easily in Blender. I merged the normal texture and glow texture, and glow doesn't look too bad either. So for the sake of lulz and science, enjoy Smile

[Image: z163kl0g40cux0b4bzqg_thumb.jpg] [Image: iyorgv4tvkpunuo4eib_thumb.jpg] [Image: vpt3oblwowor6v9fyxtl_thumb.jpg] [Image: fqg74ps9gbsu33i5mw5i_thumb.jpg] [Image: zbmr1u7l4o0kkerxyc_thumb.jpg]

Lookin' good Tongue
Maybe some Machinima could be made using this virtual world?

Haha nice
bye / bad luck and have boredom

lol I wonder if he can bunnyhop and ski around the place.

Oh wait.

(01-02-2012, 06:13 PM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: lol I wonder if he can bunnyhop and ski around the place.

Movement in SL is very laggy and barely has any prediction. But if you want to, you can Smile

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