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Stermy checking out xonotic

Stermy had ping issues and couldnt play so i made him check out the xonotic site: . Live atm.

Edit:he is dling it.Sadly quite slow.But prepare to see him and his fans rush some servers soon Big Grin

Mother of god.

I hope he does not get the wrong impression from the 0.5 release's netcode issues with GIT servers.

Yes,this might not have been the perfect moment considering that problem but was an great chance.He was streaming.He couldnt play quake live because of lag issues and didnt knew what to do.So i just asked him if he could check xonotic out and he did.He started to dl it and said he would play it after his ultra slow download would finish.We didnt see him ingame though...while dling he started to show some old demos of him (since he couldnt play quakelive with his lag) followed by answering alot of questions by his fans.Then his gf forced him to go to the cinema and we had no stermy ingame.But even so atleast some people on the stream heard about xonotic and they all had to watch the whole movement tutorial with him Big Grin

he's still dl'ing
he said he'll stream it tomorow though.


Stermy!1!!!one! Mother of god. The last time I watched Stermy, he got his ass kicked by Fatal1ty in Quake 4 on DirecTV's Championship Gaming Series Tongue Try to get a hold of him and convince him to grab an autobuild instead of the 0.5 release.

Oh wait.

Yeah, make him download the latest here.
Username: Xonotic
Password: g-23

Hello, server compatibility is broken, would you like to broadcast to a hundred people how it fails when you try to play? Here, download this package then this one because the first wasn't the right one.

Best thing to do is forget about it then come back to him when 0.6 is out.

Atleast this showed us an live impression of how someone reacts when he gets to the xonotic page the first time and what issues new people have atm.Maybe autobuild should be the standard.Its not uncommon to download an installer that in reality is an downloader.If the files are named right even we ''windows noobs''(like we often are called here) will understand it. Smile

It showed us a live impression of a QL pro player with a public image, checking out the webpage with a hundred people observing him.

Autobuild should not be the standard, perhaps an installer is a possibility but not autobuild. These are autobuilds you're talking about, what it means is that they are automatically built with no quality control whatsoever. If somebody's wanting to cook up a (GOOD!) windows installer, they can contact the devs. If somebody wants a windows installer but can't code it themself, they should post in the suggestion forum to discuss and see if anyone would want to work on that. But I don't think it's as easy as it sounds.

''Alessandro "stermy" Avallone :Hello Sascha Stern , I saw a post of yours this morning with a link and and some info about the game, where did it go? I downloaded the game yestarday but was curious to try out the version you mentioned and maybe play it a bit on my stream. Please let me know.''
Well now i gave him the link to the autobuild again and explained him how it can update his old dl.Hope it will work out.

Welp, make sure he connects to a git server in that case. Or else it'll be a bad experience.

(02-10-2012, 11:35 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Autobuild should not be the standard, perhaps an installer is a possibility but not autobuild.

agreed. A windows installer, deb/rmp packages, and mac packages are a Must for the 1.0 release.

What are mac packages?
Deb etc packages are up to the relevant communities. I think some deb packager showed interest.

it's a general problem people download the current version from the site and get a shitload of errors. or jerky gameplay as on the DCC.
<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
<bluez> halogene, you make awesome music, but you have no clue about ctf.
<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

Just another reason why a lot of players are probably waiting for this game to get out of the beta stages and into version 1.0.

Oh wait.

He gave Xonotic a try today and his first impressions were quite positive! He even joined up our pickup channel and might play some games there someday Smile

You can get the VoD here (starts at about 3:02:30):

Thx to Apr0 for asking Alessandro and of course stermy himself for giving the game a try! Smile

[Image: funny-date-girl-guy-true-story-meme.jpg]

Thanks for posting the link, for those of us that missed the stream.
LOL @ strafejumping.

LOL @ Stermy OF ALL PEOPLE looking like a noob, priceless. Especially with having rockets explode in his face XD. Hopefully he'll keep this game on his radar and play it's future releases. Also I need to run into him just so I can say I fragged a professional Tongue Who was playing him anyway? I can't tell because of the video definition.

Oh wait.

I played vs. fisume on Stormkeep and on Aerowalk he was playing/testing with asyyy in warmup mode.

Very interesting to see someone play Xonotic for the first time with a lot of pre-existing expectations that hold him back in the gameplay department and how he adjusts to it. Certainly shows how difficult Xonotic could be to get into for people who are new to the game, even those who are already familiar with arena FPS.

inb4 Stermy checking out the Stermy checking out xonotic thread.

@freefang: everything is difficult at first, I really hope you don't expect new players to be prepared to play in the first minutes. I'm sure going from botmatches only to multiplayer for the first time would be quite unsettling too. It's natural, isn't it?

(02-12-2012, 09:49 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: @freefang: everything is difficult at first, I really hope you don't expect new players to be prepared to play in the first minutes. I'm sure going from botmatches only to multiplayer for the first time would be quite unsettling too. It's natural, isn't it?

True, but observations like this do show which features are naturally discovered and which are not, quite a bit of useful information to take into account when making a tutorial/how to video etc.
Also, the first impression of a game can make a big difference on whether or not will keep playing and will affect their overall opinion.


I suggest more people show the game to friends that aren't as familiar with similar games. And take note of what goes wrong and what goes right. We don't need to wait for the next pro player to livestream it Smile

Funny the perceived difficulty of this game's learning curve, I actually had an easier time learning Nexuiz 2.3 and 2.4 (which were considerably harder to learn, Xonotic came pretty naturally) than learning how to play say, Quake III: Arena or StarSiege: Tribes. The only other arena FPS I had an easier time learning than Xonotic was Unreal Tournament 99. Anyway, this does show how much a set of tutorials or instruction videos is needed given that a player of professional background in a wide variety of other arena shooters took quite a bit to learn the game. At least it's still easier to pick up and play than Warsow, you know that super hardcore arena FPS that manages to be both BORING and hard to play. Also, the IMMEDIATE first thing we need to do IF Stermy registers on here is to direct him to WW. lol

Certain mechanics I noticed that Stermy wasn't too familiar with in this game:

WEAPON COMBOS, he knows the game has fast weapon switching, but I'm not sure he understands how useful this is. It's useful because you can fire a different gun while your previous gun is still cooling down from the previous shot, thus allowing you to fire more shots than you are otherwise capable of doing.

Game physics, I noticed he didn't quickly catch onto the trick jumps and other things like that that exist in this game. Strafe jumping and those sort of things weren't immediately obvious to him from what I can tell. Using bunnyhopping, it's also possible to ski just like in Tribes 2.

Certain weapon behaviors didn't come too easily to him until they were explained, for example when he kept detonating rockets on himself lol most wouldn't understand why your able to do that either (it's a useful feature for flying through the air).

Rock/Paper/Scissors balance of weapons, he was probably expecting a more tiered system like Quake 3 where certain weapons are "better" than others, not UT99's style of balance where weapon effectiveness is based strictly on preference and situation.

Map variety may throw some off as well, most of the maps people have seen in Xonotic were mostly semi-open and cramped arenas with a lot of Quake conversions existing on the public and GIT servers. Quite the opposite style of map exists as well. When Nexuiz 2.4 and 2.4.2 had it's hayday (LOADED servers all over the damn place) we weren't looking at these kinds of maps all the time, we had a lot of outdoor Tribes-sized maps and freakishly huge tunnel maps where you would fling yourself LITERALLY AT 300 MPH TO 500+ MPH WHILE CHASING AND GUNNING DOWN PLAYERS with a grappling hook (I couldn't handle any more than 3 hours of this usually without passing out lol fun times, I miss those days). It wouldn't surprise me if this ended up happening with Xonotic if we start finding CTF servers packed. While Xonotic seems to for the most part be a bit slower, I can still see similar things happening if it becomes popular.

Those are just a few things, I'm sure there's more. In my opinion this game actually can be fairly easy to pick up, IF you understand the mechanics, problem is there aren't any in-game tutorials that explain these.

Oh wait.

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