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[SUGGESTION] Request for New Sub-Forums: Guides, Tutorials, and Resources -- Writer's Corner

The forums here are already cluttered with threads appearing all over the place. It is already starting to show disorganization thanks to the lack of proper sub-forums. I'm thinking that we need a few more sub-forums to help sort out some of these threads and keep some of the other sub-forums strictly for what they are meant to be.


I don't really see many examples of what you are talking about. I do agree that there should be a few more sub-forums. Although, it doesn't really seem cluttered or disorganized at all in my opinion. But, your point is valid.

True, it has just started warming up, I am just all happy seeing people coming active, this will be calming down in a few weeks, and getting to a common-normal level depending on the number of the active users.
Let's just enjoy this fresh and very active start Smile
Üdvözlettel / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards:

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[Image: 14909.jpg]

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