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[DISCUSSION] sub 1.0 sensitivity

first things first dpi and sensitivity are not the same thing.
higher dpi is better
in game sensitivity can be used to compensate for a higher dpi for eg 2.0 in game sens at 800dpi is equal to 1.0 in game sens at 1600 dpi. they are not truly equal because the latter is twice as smooth.
hopefully we are all on the same page.
the issue with Xonotic is that the minimum possible sensitivity is not low enough for the vast majority of gaming mice.
it would be nice if we could change deg of rotation per mouse count value without modding the game.
one would imagine that the reason this hasn't been done yet is because the servers would have to be updated
also as note a side some gaming mice dont surport 1600dpi and that is annoying becuase you wold have to revert back to 800dpi for eg the dm3 mini.

can't you edit it in the console below 1.0?

(02-16-2019, 02:10 PM)_para Wrote: can't you edit it in the console below 1.0?
thanks you can use advance setting in misc to do the same thing!
but you should still be able to do that with the gui

yeah i'd prefer numerical text entries next to the sliders but i doubt theres any resource/priority for this when you have a functional work-around

First of all, it's not like "the higher DPI is better". Some mice "cheat" on high DPI settings by interpolating the real values. Poll rate is more important imo.
As for sub 1.0 sens, you can set it via console. Open console (Shift-Esc), then write there "sensitivity 0.999999" (without quotes). You can set any floating point sens you want.

(02-16-2019, 12:11 PM)Snowball Wrote: first things first dpi and sensitivity are not the same thing.
higher dpi is better

Dpi means dots per inch. It basically IS the same thing as sensitivity because higher dpi means you move more "dots on the screen when moving the mouse for an inch" (simply put).
People keep mixing that up with "acceleration, accuracy" or "polling rate". The "most accurate" results should be to leave sensitivity alone and only increase or decrease the DPI settings. Otherwise there is always the "risk" of interpolation but that's also a risk when you move into unrealsitic high dpi regions (read non-native-dpi, meaning the sensor wasn't actually built for that high DPI and is just interpolating).

But yup we are still on the same side i'd like to have a numeric entry as well. But on the other side. When someone cares so much about such things he propably knows how to open the Console anyways.

sorry i didnt know about native dpi
but i did know after making the thread.
most good sensors are native to 1600dpi.
why don`t mice company's use office mice pcbs that can handle 1600 dpi, stick a 3360 sensor and get something like a 30g gaming mice.
btw we are assuming the mouse has been overclocked to 1000hz by using different third party drivers.
3360 sensor will be 1600dpi native.
how plausible is this?

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