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Sonic 4 Episode 1, MAJOR SCREW UP

I can tell you after just about finishing off an already beat-to-hell Sixaxis that Sonic 4 is one of the biggest screw ups I've seen all year. I recommend that you all dodge this one. The physics in this game are screwed up and unpredictable, the game is TOO DAMN SLOW, and the level design is crap and offers hardly any paths through. Dodge this one and go play Sonic 1-3/Knuckles, CD, Triple Trouble, Chaos, Advance, or Rush instead if you want classic 2D Sonic.

Oh wait.

Never really was a fan of Sonic games, but mkay I'll avoid this one especially much then Big Grin
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i'm so glad You warned me!

Though, to be honest, the last time i played a Sonic The Hedgehog game was on a Sega Saturn console and Sega handheld somewhere somewhen in the late 20th century. i liked that blue jumpy dude. i was shocked when i found out that "hedgehog" meant hedgehog. (My english wasn't as good as it is today.)
To me, Sonic was a "has" for a whole while, which i thought was a rabbit. (german "Hase" = rabbit)
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