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[SOLVED] Compiling for Win under Linux?

I'm currently running a compiled version of the GIT repository. It compiled without any problems on my Ubuntu 10.04 system and I currently play from my linux machine without any issues. However my most powerful PC is a windows based system and I thought it would be a bit easier to compile the game for windows from my linux system since it is already compiling fine. Seems like a duplication of effort to reconfigure a build environment on my XP box.

Any possible insight always appreciated.

Automated Xonotic Git build system

works fine for me but i get sometimes error with mem_alloc out of memory (i have 4gig and quadcore.... O.o)
but i can fix this with deleting the settings cfg in .../users/me/documents/mygames/xonotic/data

Thanks _para, I'm reading up right now Smile

took some time to download but the compile went very smoothly. Tested it out and it seems to work very well, I like the new logo as well.

Thanks for the link _para, worked like a charm and saved me the hassle of configuring a cross compile environment, yay!
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no problem ;D

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