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A line in this topic will probably confuse you

I know your all getting really annoyed, but for the first time since I tweaked the Fruitphys file I've dropped in Fruitiex's current balance file into the mix. Save a few elements (nex, hagar, crylink secondary, electro being screwed up, possibly health) this was a pretty damn good playing experience that wasn't filled with the excessive amount of bullet hell (youtube Radiant Silvergun and that's what my file sometimes looks like) associated with my file. With that said, I'll be tweaking a balanceFruit file to work with a Fruitphys file that was tweaked to work with my balanceLeeStricklin file. Confused yet? Hopefully this method will bring in some elements that players are missing from Fruitiex's current setup, while preserving everything that people like about it.

Current tweaks (I'll upload file when I'm satisfied with the direction of the balance):

Health system and armor system are pretty much the same, but you can pick up regardless
Electro restored
Crylink secondary made more like it was in the past (maybe this would be a good spot to move the lightning to?)
Rockets easier to control, but move slightly slower
Hagar spread isn't ridiculous, but not as precise as it was in Nexuiz
Panic fire restored on the rifle
Gonna do something about the nex, but don't know what yet. Probably make it somewhat like it is under my file so that it can't be abused easily.

Oh wait.

I agree.
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We may be getting annoyed, but FruitieX has an advantage in this "Balance War" His is already the default for Xonotic, so I don't mind your advertising, it has to become known to the new forum-goers. Looking forward to the result.

Keep up the hard work.

The nex is about to make me pull my hair out. Just to give you an idea of how bad thing is, I will tell you that I dropped in my nex into his file and the thing STILL RAPES EVERYTHING and I'm a bad shot with hit scan weapons. My nex does a maximum of 72 damage while his does 90. My nex takes longer to charge while his charges quickly. My nex has a lower fire rate. My nex also chews up more ammo. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!! He had a significantly more powerful nex under a config where it's easier to hit players AND harder to grab health and armor. A respawned player could be killed in a single weapon combo with this thing or two shots from it, only one of which would be charged.

Oh wait.

3. (physicsFruit VS balanceLeeStricklin) <- isn't it the same?

lolwut! I would lose the overview too. These topics are all about 1 thing - your balance. Can't you just post your stuff in 1 (One, O N E) topic?? Its not hard -> see balanceFruit.cfg topic.
Basically thats the most annoying part. Its also easier for the people that might like your balance if there is only 1 topic, because information gets lost here.

Oh, I just found number 7:

Please. Can some admin or mod merge them all together to "balanceLeeStricklin.cfg" ?? Thanks.
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This is mostly me balancing balancefruit with minimal tweaks made to it, similar to how I tweaked his physics. My balance was based off 2.4.2, while this one will be based off of balancFruit. The two will play differently.

Oh wait.

It is indeed a problem. Lee, I don't want to warn you via the moderation panel right now, but you're spamming. Yes, we got your idea: you're not satisfied with the current default physics/weapon balance, and you give constructive criticism. But you're over the edge now. Tbh your spamming was brought up on the developer irc channel too.
As a respect to your hard work, instead of closing all your threads/merging them, I'd like to ask you, which thread to keep, and I'll make it sticky (and FruitieX's thread too, if it is not already).
In the end of the day, I'll close all your threads.
Please reply to me in PM, on which topic to keep (hell, you can create another new one too, just please name ONE thread to keep!).


Moving along...

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