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Problem making a new charater

First all: hi all Smile

so.. How I do the bat file that make the iqm file?? I do the model and animation (sort of) files(iqe) and try to make the iqm.. but the bat do nothing Sad becuse I dont get the expline here about that:
some one can send my the bat and good expline? good tutrials for all of this??

Thanks for the helpers Smile

  1. Create a .bat file with any text editor.
  2. Place the .bat file in the folder with the .iqes you exported.
  3. Place the iqm.exe into the folder as well.
  4. In the .bat file add the following: iqm.exe umbra.iqm mesh.iqe jump.iqe run.iqe (and the rest of the anims). Add the line; pause to the bttom of the file.
  5. Now run the .bat file using wine or windows to finally get your iqm.

As I don't have access to a Windows machine to test this, but i think the .bat should look like this:
iqm.exe umbra.iqm mesh.iqe jump.iqe run.iqe [include the rest of the animation filenames here]
(01-05-2011, 07:17 PM)naryl Wrote: > Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means "cant configure debian"

Actually it's for "I can't install Gentoo".

No, its still do nothing...

Nestel: are you using blender to export your character?

(01-20-2011, 12:37 PM)DiaboliK Wrote: Nestel: are you using blender to export your character?

Yep.. why?

You can directly export to iqm using the exporter. In the exporter put a path to some directory and give the model a name with the iqm extension for example /path/to/umbra.iqm

Then put all the anims in order from one of the framegroups file like this one:;hb=HEAD

And then export with mesh and bounding boxes selected.

Is it possible to ease the creators of the players by doing a tutorials from images or video? Because I came across on errors and I do not know how to solve them!

Sorry for bumping, but why you not take me serious? or its too easy for you that I dont need a solve?.. I have a redy model and I wnat to insert im to this game.(you can ansower me this in PM)

you need to tell us the errors in order for us to help you.

[Image: 71144786.jpg]
Still I think we(The beginers of that) need a extend tutorial with video or pics(to make the IQM file with the needed anims and the other needs).

Edit: I think I know what happing now :/ so true or not please give me chance and you will be satisfied! Smile

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