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Texture dump

Hey all, I noticed this project is coming along nicely so I thought I'd dig up some textures/models that are rotting on my HDD.

I posted these on IRC earlier but I figured it'd be good to list them all in one place.

Some previews:

They're not at all set up to work in darkplaces, someone will have to write up all the shaders andsuch. Most normalmaps will need to have their green channel flipped (except maybe for those in, not sure). Also a bunch of textures lack specmaps.
I think tZork may have [been?] volunteered to take care of this, you may want to bug him first if you feel like porting these.

MIT/X11 licensed like the trak4/5 sets.

Hope these can be of use Smile

Thank you for this. Yes tZork will add these to the repo and I will let him know that you added a few more trak5 ones.

Simply one of the most epic posts on the forum! Thank you very much!
[Image: 561.png]
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O my god.
There are models.
Ok, thank you, seriously.
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Gentlemen, please pardon my boner.

I need to shower again.


Thanks for the kind words everyone Smile

merged, thanks TRaK =)

Mighty nice looking textures Big Grin
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