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[SUGGESTION] Zombie escape

welll this is just a game where you run from zombies...and you have to navigate through specialy made maps with elevaters ...traps things tht make it harder for you to get away and if all your team makes it to the finish line you win but here is the thing the other team or zombies gotta catch you if you get touched by them (melee weapon) once then you turn into a zombie and zombies also have alot more health then you the people trying to escape but you have guns and stuff to do alot of damage to the zombies killing them but the zombies will respawn after a few seconds

and there might be certain points where you have to hold a position befor you can move on such as waiting for a boat or spaceship or elevater to come and take you away

so this game will be like a action filled race for survival

when the game starts-the (humans) will start in a room filled with weapons and you take whatever you need and the other team (zombies) will start in a room farther away and they find you and follow you and try to turn you into a zombie

now because it seems humans are at a disadvantage since zombies can one hit ko you and have way more health the humans get a head start at the start at the game to run

and befor i mentioned traps...traps can be like button acivated taps or trip wire or just activate when you reach an area..if you are trying to hold a position waiting for a way out you can activate traps that can help you kill some zombies. traps can also affect humans such as someone triggering a giant rock to roll downhill threatenting to crush you and others and if you die you have to respwan a few seconds later and that can cause you to lag behind and you will be turned into a zombie most likely.

i think this is a great idea to have in xonotic tell me what you think and i might be adding more ideas

Go play Zombie Panic: Source, since I'm positive that your suggestion is a nearly identical copy of what they have for Objective Mode. Xonotic is not a zombie shooter in any way, and is way to fast to facilitate such a gameplay type.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

Oh please. Counter-Strike series and many other games have already been spoiled with this crap. No matter how bright the initial idea of humans versus zombies seems, it all ends the same way; bunch of repulsive-looking maps and other low-quality content made by 12-year-old fanboys played by other fanboys on thousands of poorly set up servers, again ran by those fanboys; No dignity dwells in those games.
Pardon me for spilling out my butthurt, it's just a leftover from a terrible experience of playing those mods.


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