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[SUGGESTION] A like Zombie Mod?

Hey guys,
Why don't you make a look like zombie mode?
Mean, that a squad of 4-8 players are into a house or something and many bots come and attack then each X number of bot killed, a Boos will come and then more bots come ...

Invasion mode is probably the only game mode I'd like to see added to the game. Monsters don't even need too sophisticated AI.

I would also like to see a zombie-invasion type gameplay mode. I think it's feasible.

That'd be cool. As long as it didnt turn into UT99 monster hunt where you has to wade through a butt-load of horrible maps to find one good one.

This has been mentioned before. See New GAMETYPE! INVASION!

Also found these two threads but they don't seem very interesting:
Zombie escape
Xonotic Zombie Mod!?

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