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[SUGGESTION] "Xonotic-for-Kids" Mod

hi, i'm not new
(if you consider 2 years of nexuiz and 2 year of xonotic experience not to be enough, I could mention a few years in software development as well..)

Currently I see a lot of new, young players on the servers, thanks to Gronkh. Times of Xonotic as a "Linux-Freak-Game" are obviously over. But this might bring trouble: Xonotic doesn't have a public age-certification - if someone looks at xonotic for a few minutes, he'd certainly rate it as a 18+ game. Consequently this would end up in discussions with parents, who don't understand/ like FPS in general, so many new, young players will be "switched off".

My idea is to avoid this - without having useless discussions:
Xonotic has such a variety of game modes, player models and maps, that there is plenty of room to build a "Xonotic-for-Kids".
Not mentioning the huge (marketing) potential when offering an opensource FPS-game that has a "clean environment" for e.g. 10 year old players. This would certainly attract positive attention among (hysterical) parents and so Xonotic could become THE game every kid legally can start his / her FPS career Smile

I've started to build a script for changes on client side for changing/switching off elements..
- forced player models (all players shown as e.g. "mario")
- changed sounds
- set up a kids-server, limited to non-aggressive maps (e.g. lightspeed) and limited to vote for non-violent game modes FT, CTS, NB, KH, ...
-forced filter on kids-servers in clients' multiplayer view
-change weapons to non-violent ones (e.g. change name (+model) Electro to "fruit-juice-beam", etc), probably a limitiation to 3 harmless animated weapons
-hide menu elements concerning violent effects (dead bodies, blood, ...)
-limit chat usage /visibility, e.g. predefined messages only (grooming prevention)

Currently I don't see unsolvable problems creating that "Kids-Mod" but I'd appreciate some input from people who are up-to-date in the code and config.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Personally I don't see anything wrong with a game getting an 16+ or 18+ rating. Computer games communities are dominated by adults, there was even some research that showed the weighted average gamer age to be around 30.

Boy, do I miss TIGRS...
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Generally this is a very good idea but tell me which kid/teenager will use this settings. Maybe about 0.1% ? I´ve got the impression that todays parents are getting lazy and don´t really care about their children and/or don´t have control over them.

After Gronkh´s Let´s Play I met a 14 years teenager/kid in Xonotic and it really surprised me how he talked and which expressions he used. His parents don´t seem to care about ratings as he owns CoD and Battlefield (rating is 18+ btw) and he doesn´t seem to have the right sense of classifying violence. I´m sure this isn´t an exception, which makes me sad to be honest.

Well, this is a big topic. I think your idea is excellent though it probably won´t succeed.

Edit: I´d like to vote for "... is great but will fail." :-P

Did not everyone play an 18+ game while being less than 18 years old? Tongue

There are settings to disable gore and get some rainbowish things actually.
Too much work without enough profit, imo.

Thanks, Maddin, for calling the idea excellent Blush

No doubt, the 14y old player is not the problem, but maybe his 8y old brother who uses the same computer - he didn't install it but will find Xonotic sooner or later..

The way to fail would certainly be a script (I'd even say 0.1% of all users run scripts). This is just a first attempt to get the look&feel..
The best-possible implementation would to be a one-button-solution with a password or pin, then the script could en/disable 18+ content. Other software, websites can do it, even your TV set can PIN-protect certain content, so can Xonotic offer that option too.

You do realise that you can already disable bad language and gore right?

sv_gentle 1
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Cortez666 means cl_gentle 1

The other one is server-side.

Quote:The best-possible implementation would to be a one-button-solution with a password or pin, then the script could en/disable 18+ content.

And all you need to do is delete some of the config files and it's gone...

The only option for the kid to play proper games for their age is when their parent cares about such stuff. As we all know - most parent's don't give a damn. (also to be honest - most teenagers can handle violent games just fine, the ratings are way too high for most games)
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my parents cared ...

but still ... turning off gore (and swearing ) is all that needs to be done ...

if you really wanted to make it kid friendly ...then make a paintball mod ... make the players robots ...

or just point them to something more abstract ... like

OR ...

give them mario ...

No, don't point them to Bzflag... Point them to Warsow or Rigs of Rods... Something that's actually decent. Big Grin

#13 :-D
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

My vote must also fall on the "Its great hut will fail" option, I just don't see how to make it work unless you somehow get the parents to notice & install the game.

Xonotic is violent? I guess most people in this day and age didn't play classics such as the original Mortal Kombat games, Doom, or LOADED like I did when I was a kid.

Oh wait.

Lee_Stricklin is right, there is absolutely no violence in Xonotic at all.

(/s) Sheesh, how constructive.

How about a version of Xonotic called Edu-notic where players are given random facts every time they frag someone?

For instance, after killing a player, the game tells you that 'pi = 3.14'!

Haha, brilliant! And even more brilliant to include popular misbeliefs as "facts" (since pi does of course NOT equal 3.14). You made my day, ty sir!

On OT I don't think there's a reasonable benefit for anyone in replacing big beautiful guns with big beautiful water pistols or rubber ball launchers or the like (unless that's the decision of Xonotic development for the artistic direction to head for in general. Feature request, anyone?). I believe those parents that care AND would approve of such a softened FPS are probably very hard to find, if at all. No use going through all that trouble just for those few additional players.
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Not violent


Not violent

Oh wait.

meh ....

the first not violent shows gibs splattering all over and making a mess on the walls .... yes ... violent

(remember most non-gamers dont see gibs as pieces of cuddly happiness confetti ... they see them as people parts)

the second one is a movement tutorial ... so it doesn't count ...


Lee_Stricklin appears to be confused by the concept of relativity. Mortal Kombat is not violent compared to gore pictures.

I like the idea of a non-gore mode. It's already implemented as a menu setting, but it's only half-hearted. You have no blood and gibs, but you still have death cries. The word "frag" is replaced by "score against" in the HUD, but the annuncer still says "3 frags left", and there's that new "triple kill" etc. announcement.

I have gore disabled because I see it more as a sports game than a killing game. And because the blood fountains coming through the mega erebus armor just look stupid.
[Image: 2405.png]

I'm sure you understand that's a low-priority task. I welcome any QC beginners to give this a try.

I hear your call Mr. B Wink

Looks like the devs already have a gentle death sound in mind. From cl_player.qc line 635:
        if(sv_gentle < 1) // TODO make a "gentle" version?
        if(sound_allowed(MSG_BROADCAST, attacker))
            if(deathtype == DEATH_DROWN)
                PlayerSound(playersound_drown, CH_PAIN, VOICETYPE_PLAYERSOUND);
                PlayerSound(playersound_death, CH_PAIN, VOICETYPE_PLAYERSOUND);
The 3fragsleft etc. is an easy fix in g_world.qc. Simply add a gentle version of:
            if (leaderfrags == limit - 1)
            else if (leaderfrags == limit - 2)
            else if (leaderfrags == limit - 3)

So the problem is not the QC coding, but the missing audio files.
[Image: 2405.png]

I dont think that it will work, Parents play part at games their child play in those conditios: 1. He child is under... hmmm... 10 years maybee? And cant install/ get games by itself. 2. When the chid asks to buy him a game: sertan parents will/ will not allow children play +18(or whatever) games. So atb some point the child will be able to get/download games by it self (free games especialy, like Xonotic, which recently appeared to be a violent gameWink) and parents loose controll of that their children play. So, lets take an 11 year kid, which goes onto The Xonontic Download Page, clicks on the big "Ownload!"button and notices a box that says: "Code for activating violence: somesortofacode". Is there a need to tel kids reaction?
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