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Anyone experience cap records being reset randomly?

This is happening for me with a Nexuiz server, but I assume the code related to cap records hasn't changed much for Xonotic. This might apply to Xonotic as well. I'll know when I get an active Xonotic server running.

I've been running House of CTF servers for a long time now (2+ years?) and I even moved the server to a new host a few months ago. The capture records remained intact.

However, I recently have been experiencing my servers resetting the cap records and I have no idea why. I remember this happened once on my private Batcave servers a few years ago and I never understood why that happened either. It seemed quite random.

Has anyone else experienced this on a server?

(03-15-2011, 12:29 PM)Dokujisan Wrote: Has anyone else experienced this on a server?

Yes, it just happened on the DCC server. The server was not even restarted and nothing except some harmless fs_rescan (for adding a new map) was done. Obviously it doesn't happen very often, because there were a lot of extreme records built up during the last months.

Needless to say the fastcappers aren't very happy... Confused
[Tue Aug 5 2008] [00:15:01] <Ronan`> RoKenn, you're an evil person Tongue

Do you use the same userdir for multiple servers?

How is userdir defined exactly? Blush

Well, each server has its own directory and I found the records in ~/.xonotic/srv_ctf/data/server.db.ctf, which should be pretty unique to the CTF server.

Funny enough the keys and locks for the servers are in ~/.xonotic, while they find their config files in .xonotic/srv_*.

BTW, BlaXpirit managed to repair the file (taking the records from a recent text snapshot) and I restarted the server with it.
[Tue Aug 5 2008] [00:15:01] <Ronan`> RoKenn, you're an evil person Tongue

I believe he meant gamedir. The userdir is ~/.xonotic, the gamedirs are subdirectories of the user dir and base dir (the latter contains the release files).

Key files are stocked in the userdir, yes.

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