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Mikee vehicles

For those of you who are wondering... mikee demanded that we "take the fucking post down you piece of shit" because of "copyright infringement".

Files are called spg3.blend and climbingjetram.blend, can be found in the omploader search engine.
They were uploaded by the author of the work, as were the screenshots (hosted on (<FILENAME>)



The original post says the .blend files are licensed under GPLv2 (the licence used by Xonotic assets). The author said on IRC the screenshots and original posts are copyrighted.

Is "SelfPropelledArty MikeeUSA, drama investigative reporter." really MikeeeeeeeeeUSA or an imposter?

A very serious question for Wednesday afternoon.

I told mikee to keep politics out of Xonotic a few times already. -_-

Mikee, if you read this. It's a game we're making here. Keep everything else to your blogs please.
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows

Note that this is only here for the sake of archival, if you dare using this he'll probably go lawsuit all over your face. Or congratulate himself for being such a good contributor compared to all of you useless people who do nothing for the game. Or both.

"compared to all of you useless people who do nothing for the game"

That sounds like me Smile

nice, so he extended his realm to patent/copyright trolling now? man this dude is having quite a career

be lound and be proud, right?

[Image: demotivational-posters-like-a-boss1.jpg]

Cbrutali doesn't want you to have these because I made them. He wants to make sure nothing I make ever gets into "his" game.

GPL and/or whatever license xonotic is under (GPL v2 or higher)
GPL and/or whatever license xonotic is under (GPL v2 or higher)

Self Propelled Gun:
A self propelled gun is an artillary piece that can move itself. Usually it doesn't have a turret that can move, sometimes it does. Usually for movements past a few degrees it must turn the vehicle. Maybe it can move the turret a few degrees each way.

It is not a main battle tank. It is not well armored at the back, but is fairly well in the front. It fires high explosive very destructive rounds.

In the modern battle field these are used to great affect as a force multiplier for attacking mechanized troops. They take their place along with missile artillary and air power.

This one has a large main gun, and also 4 high caliber auto-cannons (abit greater caliber than the spider bot's 20mm mini guns, maybe 25mm or 37mm auto-cannons (slower firing than spiderbots gun)

This is licensed GPL and/or whatever license xonotic is currently under (GPL v2 or greater I think)

Blender file:

[Image: nw6k199iehcwcmhjwe_thumb.png]

[Image: h4d3fr700kuy3ty15qny_thumb.png]

[Image: 4tpktwg72rp90c981ji1_thumb.png]

[Image: d5y4iktdib3n5cy3ltai_thumb.png]

[Image: 57wqbss0da941rsa84_thumb.jpg]

[Image: lg9hu8v8o70my0xwhldh_thumb.png]

[Image: nya1uhuyote77rw41jws_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 3cfg4cw91hd092bu5jqv_thumb.jpg]

Climbing Ram-Jet:

It was requested that a vehicle be made that could climb steep mountains.
I took my inspiration from the minelayer model.

Primary: flamethrower jets.
Secondary: perhapse spray jet fuel all over the place (than can be ignited by primary, or by a bomb, or the fireball, or maybe even by a bullet hit (but that should be a low chance).

Also can ram people or vehicles doing damage.

In the front are 2 large gripping wheels, gripping "teeth" on the bottom of the vehicle, on the bottom back is a hover pad, in the back are jets like on the racer.

Primary mission: advanced scouting and breaching.

You might put a good sniper team member in here and have him climb to some inaccessable area.
In the front is a little window to look out of.

GPL and/or whatever license xonotic is under (GPL v2 or higher)

[Image: 58dh79hiw6mz7o68vp0_thumb.png]

[Image: zuq4ergqzsv9q2c2xcbr_thumb.png]

[Image: qp6qdmyqbn0vcyk4mel_thumb.png]

[Image: srn43oga1dki88ioalrp_thumb.png]

[Image: taq2sltgjpaemeur3229_thumb.png]

Enough is enough, drama queen.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

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