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SG-X, version 1.

Made it just for fun, might work as a Domination map anyway. It will mean a little more for people who have seen the Stargate series or movies.

[Image: pi436jra5owde2ksbo5_thumb.jpg] [Image: zlkl6s6z2x2781ezsbq_thumb.jpg]

[Image: veiqld1yc68kulgqdx_thumb.jpg] [Image: rg44rc64maolsmn1enim_thumb.jpg]

[Image: hagtsw9duku6nhf11av9_thumb.jpg]


I don't intend to work on it anymore for the present, going to move on to a different theme Smile


Easter Eggs: it IS possible to get to the minsta and tuba. Also, the first person who can find the devil's horns gets a virtually free virtual cookie.

GPL v2 blah blah blah.
nowego [MLP:FiM]

looks very interesting Smile

o.O very nice screenies!

I did a short test run and I like it! I found a little thingo here:

[Image: 930shgpvny79ui7ra94x_thumb.jpg]

The brushes seem not to be aligned there or something I don't know I am not a mapper.

Good work!
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(08-11-2011, 04:09 PM)Halogene Wrote: The brushes seem not to be aligned there or something I don't know I am not a mapper.

its a relict of the warpzone, he used there.
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Great map!! I really like it. Especially those teleporters, they look awesome.

One thing i would change in some next release would be adding a one way teleport from rocket launcher, leading anywhere, but back to some more central area. It's a dead end now.

Apart form that, really nice map.
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I looked all over for how to get the tuba... after giving up and cheating (looking in radiant) turns out I was inches from the teleport all along.

Great map... and yes I have watched stargate.

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