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Good news everyone! (ID Tech 4)

(11-07-2011, 01:11 AM)Vargos Wrote: About porting Xonotic and implementing stuff... Imho, devs answer looks like this--->
[Image: Give_a_fuck.png]



Xonotic code is the most dependent on builtins/functions of DP of any other code i've worked with. It LITERALLY would require an entire re-write of the game in order for it to work, and other engines (Like for example FTE) which use QC VMs STILL would require a massive amount of work considering how tied in Xonotic code is to darkplaces.

People: Give up on the idea that we're going to switch engines.

Additionally, there isn't much we can take from id Tech 4 that would actually benefit our engine really... Especially not if it requires any kind of workload above some intermediate work, as no one cares enough to do that.

Serious question: What's the point about switching engines? DarkPlaces is open source, too, so why not think about how to improve DarkPlaces instead?
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(12-03-2011, 02:30 AM)Sarge999 Wrote: Serious question: What's the point about switching engines? DarkPlaces is open source, too, so why not think about how to improve DarkPlaces instead?

It's new and shiny. Today's consumerist wants the newest and shiniest code, they don't care about DarkPlaces 20 year heritage and evolution.

copy unreal 3 engine code and put it into darkplaces? i have no idea how it works I just imagine it being like printed new editions of a bok or something.

change engine = scrap everything and start from scratch

copy unreal 3 engine code?? hehe, how? companies guard their code with their lives, also you assume it would be compatible but code is always in some context and tied to loads of crap, it would like an apple and orange. this entire engine talk on the internet is pointless, look at duke nukem forever - what happens when you change the engine. Xonotic is different but still I bet lots of low level stuff would have to be rewritten to be "modern". And that would also break the game.

Changing engines is just not reasonable. Learning from the Doom 3 engines source code and porting (not the same as copying and pasting!) features across of interest (like the warping effects from heat?) might be a possibility if anyone wanted to take such a thing up. However, there are also a lot of things Darkplaces can do that Doom 3 can't. Ever wondered why there are no water areas in Doom 3? And where were the soft shadows? There also never was a 64-bit release either which makes porting to 64-bit one of the high priorities for ioDoom3.
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... cant we already do heat distortion with a particle generator and a distorting shader?

... besides that ...

porting is near impossible ... even the bzflag community couldn't port bzflag to a better engine ... ad bzflag has got to be a million time simpler than xonotic... (i don't code ... so don't trust me on that)

Hey I don´t know ANYTHING about engines, it was just an idea. I´ll keep my mouth shut next time. (thought I´ll keep typing OBV.) Smile

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