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Instrumental/Industrial metal song by me and friend


Ok so, were a finnish two men band and this is our latest product. A complete remake of our very first song. This will be heard in one game project of mine in the future, propably.

Riffs by MrSocialdisease
Everything else by me.

Feedback and comments are appreciated, we love 'em, love 'em.

yay , welcome Smile

i shall start following you guys in sound cloud , also join us in irc , so ya can find out ways to help and stuff



FUCKING AWESOME \m/ !!!!! I love industrial metal and that was just insane, keep it up dude its freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metal FTW!!!

Hi and thanks guys, we're short on feedback and comments as of late so it feels great to hear some Big Grin
Suggestions, ideas and critic is welcome as well!

We're working on another song currently and I might keep this thread up for tracks to come in week, month or next. Got nothing new to woof at the moment, but if you like you can compare the song above with it's original 2 years older version here: Quality and composition ain't as good and it's bit different, but we kept the main notes same!

btw , if ya stuff is all gpl (glp?) then how about submitting the tune for the game officialy?

look in the dev section of forum for the official submission thread (read carefully too)



Song "Toilethole is full again" is made for this one game project of mine which is called "Core of Pulcher". It's in offtopic section because it's not related to Xonotic.

Here's the logo for luls:
[Image: core_of_pulcher___title_logo_by_smilecythe-d4detpn.png]

Our music is all 100% original content from us two if you mean GPL as General Public Licence.

as a plumber , but on holidays , im not unblocking that toilet Big Grin




Haha thanks for the offer, but we go for DYI and plumb our toilets with hands!

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