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Visit from an old friend


Aye... nice to get a visit from an old friend and sit around for chat. Then fix weapons that got broken because the player was clumsy and dropped them.

This video was created with Blender, including the camera tracking part. Initial video was filmed with the Samsung Galaxy S phone. The creation of the scene took approximately 5 days and the final render 6 hours. Dialogue doesn't include anything special, apart from me mentioning I got a visit from an old friend.


Wow. that's quite good but the tracking seems a bit delayed when you move the camera back and forth. did you use a grid for tracking?

(03-14-2012, 03:49 PM)s1lencer Wrote: Wow. that's quite good but the tracking seems a bit delayed when you move the camera back and forth. did you use a grid for tracking?

I used the new camera tracking feature in Blender 2.6. My phone's camera isn't all that great however, so it gets blurry when I shake it. I had to do a lot of tracking manually for this reason. But I enabled motion blur for the final render, which should simulate the shake blur on models and hide this effect a bit.

And I know about the glitch when he drops the weapon. That's because when it switches over to physics, I detach it from the hand bone, and switch the model to a real origin instead. In practice it appears in the same spot, but the motion blur system sees it as traveling a long way, so it blurs it for one frame. It's probably a small Blender bug.

Also just updated the video and added subtitles Tongue

ha .... nice ...

he seems a little stiff though .... didn't ever wave ... or talk .... well i guess he doesn't have a mouth ... assuming its a he .... um ... ... .. . . . . . . .

I made another video with motion tracking. This one's not related to Xonotic, but if anyone's curious still:



Haha, that is awesome!

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Cool! Big Grin

Standard! Such UFO flows over streets in my city every day. Nicely edited though Big Grin

Although this one isn't Xonotic (but MLP) I thought to post it here as well since I already made this topic:


THAT! That looks like the most awesome thing that I have ever seen!
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

(12-31-2012, 06:37 AM)Faraday Wrote: Boy did the comments on that page catch'a fire. Haters gunna hate.
Mirceal, mind telling me how you managed to do this?

Yeah. Dealt with most of the haters though. Some of them sound like they've got mental issues, given how weird and unjustified certain reactions were x.x

As for how I did it, entirely with Blender. 2.6 has a camera tracking feature and I used that. Video tutorials helped me with it all.

(12-22-2012, 03:06 PM)MirceaKitsune Wrote:

Dude, I don't really get all that pony stuff, but that's pretty awesome for sure! Nice job! Big Grin
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jesus christ that is the scariest thing i've seen in a while.

the wings look like malformed fetal hands



Is the green one really throwing garbage onto the street?! What would the kidz learn from that OH MY!!!
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oh jesus MLPFIM is leaking into the real world.

too late...

it already did !
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Sucks at weapons

MK's channel is... the epitome of strange...

Nuff said. At least the camera tracking is cool. Tongue

(01-16-2013, 12:06 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: MK's channel is... the epitome of strange...

Nuff said. At least the camera tracking is cool. Tongue

Yeah, THAT is prolly the worst video I posted Tongue It was an unique and crazy idea I had for a "celebration" to put on Youtube, after the communist president that's been running our country was finally taken down from power (though he was illegally put back by his own people after, nuff said). Likely won't be doing anything like THAT again, but at the time I couldn't help it.

get a haircut hippie

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