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[SUGGESTION] Wanna kick Tribes: Ascend's ass?

As in bring in some of it's ideas and execute them better? Xonotic has better overall mechanics and variety and to my understanding (speaking from in-game experience in huge Nexuiz and Xonotic maps as well as the current Tribes: Ascend beta) can pull off what Tribes does, better than any of the five Tribes games can and from what I've seen the community has demonstrated they're capable of cranking out maps that show it.

Tribes: Ascend maps have the following things:

They're big (at least as big as CTF: Go, sometimes bigger), but I've seen bigger in Nexuiz 2.5.2 (Some distance fog covered map comes to mind... forgot the name of it though, it's massive, has ships and that sort of thing lying around as decoration and has rolling terrain, there's also a lake somewhere in it)
They're usually rolling terrain with only a minor structure here or there with player bases being the exception (Think ONS-Reborn and there's a Nexuiz map I'm thinking of but forgot the name of that uses distance fog. Massive Xonotic maps that rely on more than just rolling terrain would instantly beat what Tribes has to offer.)
Vehicle spawn points (in Tribes you buy them where they spawn, in Xonotic they can be warped in or already just be there and be raised to ground level by hitting a terminal. Obviously there'd be some sort of limitation and you wouldn't be able to do this if your base generator is destroyed on a map that has generators)
Base defenses such as turrets that can be destroyed (and repaired, in Xonotic they would just respawn)
Base generators that can be destroyed and cause defenses and vehicle spawn points to be useless until repaired (Newtonian nightmare actually does a similar concept with the generators, except that they respawn instead of get repaired and they only control jump pads. Usually generators are tucked away in a basement or something.)
Jetpacks (this is actually a game mechanic, Tribes has jetpacks that regenerate fuel, maybe a few maps in Xonotic can spawn you with them as well)
Skiing (already done in Xonotic, just done differently. Instead of sliding like you do in Tribes: Ascend, Xonotic has you bunnyhop repeatedly like you would in StarSiege: Tribes and Tribes 2.)
Tribes in general is fast (but not fast enough... feels a tad slow compared to Nexuiz and Xonotic)
Tribes Ascend has limited hit scan weapons (actually almost none, though I don't think the ones in Xonotic are overpowered, however I can see them dominating in large maps, just something to think about)

[Image: b5cqarz46h5lfjjzo.jpg]

Oh wait.

for some reason I was entered into the tribes ascend beta, and I tried it out but i'm not really a big fan. I've been playing section 8 prejudice, which is a game with a similar concept, but far better execution imo.

I do agree that that sort of thing could be done in xonotic, but I don't really think it's necessary.
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Not necessary, but it would be interesting to see as Tribes really is about the only other free to play (sorta anyway) game that can most be compared to Xonotic, next to maybe Warsow which feels way too different. The reason I think it would be interesting to see the above stuff done in Xonotic maps is because I've seen similar things happen in Nexuiz 2.4 and 2.5 which essentially did Tribes style gameplay (minus the vehicles and generators) better than what actual Tribes did and I think it would be cool to see at least a few more maps that capture that feeling. Obviously we wouldn't want too many maps that mostly focus Tribes mechanics, but a small handful of them would be neat. Also, if a highly anticipated game like Tribes: Ascend can be made to look essentially like a "lite" version of Xonotic (in terms of gameplay mechanics it is, just with classes and load outs), then people may recognize Xonotic as a much higher quality game and play it instead.

Oh wait.

I was invited too, and I enjoyed playing it, but I feel that Xonotic is a better game. Xonotic has much more variety and is far more enjoyable. Tribes feels a little contrived when compared to Xonotic. Anway, I agree with what you're saying. I'd love to see more generators and repairable turrets.

thats how I feel onslaught aught to be, actually. big open "tribes" style maps.

although if we were to emulate that style of map, I would go with section 8 maps, cause they are way cooler.
[Image: section-8-prejudice-overdrive-map-pack-457925.jpg]
[Image: section-8-prejudice-20101026094317406-000.jpg]
[Image: Section-8-Prejudice-Frontier-Colonies-Ma...iler_5.jpg]
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Those do look much cooler and would probably suit onslaught pretty well, though I was mostly talking about taking on Tribes' CTF maps head on (though those maps could probably also be used for onslaught). Once again it would be very interesting to see happen because then Tribes 4 would look very much like a lite version of Xonotic with pay to win features and a classes/load out system. Just a handful of maps by the community with maybe a couple of official ones would REALLY make Tribes look bad.

btw Anyone know what Nexuiz map I was referring to in the first post? It was huge and had distance fog, a structure here or there, a lake in the middle, ships and that sort of thing lying around as decoration. I forgot the name of it.

Oh wait.

a new tribes game mode? :-) large maps, jetpacks, and only mg and electro and rifle for weapons

Have someone actually played xonotic ons or as in mp? I have been asking people but they either didnt or they ignored me.

(also) Shazbot!

I'm not talking new game mode, I'm talking about taking some of the ideas that it has and executing them better in new maps for already existing modes, CTF in particular. I know it can be done, because I've seen it in Nexuiz 2.4 and 2.5, hell one of the last really good games I was playing in Nexuiz 2.5.2 was VERY Tribes like because of the map (the one covered in fog that I was talking about.).

Oh wait.

(02-06-2012, 10:40 PM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: btw Anyone know what Nexuiz map I was referring to in the first post? It was huge and had distance fog, a structure here or there, a lake in the middle, ships and that sort of thing lying around as decoration. I forgot the name of it.

I'm sure you are refering to a map called Evergreen:

I just played Tribes: Ascend today and to be hones there where only two things i kinda like or found remarkable in a way:

1. If you look down to the floor you can see your legs, looks really nice while you are skiing or running

2. If you got hit the visor of your helmet gets cracked and looks broken

Besides that the game does not seem special to me. I hate the idea of buy-sh*t-to-win the ways on CTF maps are wayyy to long and fights are kinda boring, especially when two noobs fight each others with the 2 default guns, but thats maybe just my 2 cents D;

I guess im not a good enough average guy to review shooters, if you consider my minsta-background Wink

I also don't like CTF very much, I usually play TDM or the new domination-whatever-it-is-called.
Yes you see legs, and if you press X for 3rd person view you can see you body leaning left/right, good animation system.

Its quite a good game but all the locked gear costs way too much xp for you to get in a standard way. You can buy smt for permament xp boost or you can send referral links to get xp. Free-to-play is free-to-play Dodgy

That is THE map I was thinking of. If Xonotic had a handful like that (obvious with improved visuals), maybe one or two of them with vehicles on it as well as jetpacks where they would benefit the gameplay, then it would INSTANTLY kick Tribes 4's ass, as that map right there demonstrates that Xonotic (and before it, Nexuiz) is perfectly capable of executing Tribes-style gameplay just as well if not better than the Tribes games themselves.

Oh wait.

I agree with this at so many angles (and I have never even played tribes)...

The big green nexuiz ons map (the one that came with nexuiz) was very fun ... and I played that as a duel.... unfortunately I never got to try it with more people.

for large ctf maps ... if you are worried about hitscan weapons dominating ... i have a solution for you ... just don't include them ... one of the best parts of xonotic is the large range of weapons mappers can choose from in order to tailor the gameplay of a map... and yes vehicles can be taken down w/out the nex (use HLAC and seeker)

... hutty is now debateing if his third map for planet woune will be and assault ... or one of these ...

I remember ut2k4 had sniper weapons in ons maps & they weren't any big deal (and some of those maps were quite large with open spaces). AFAIR the los was somehow limited in that game so you couldn't see across the whole map even on the highest detail settings, I think there was a mandatory fog at some defined distance.
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

The pellet gun used in place of an actual sniper rifle was a pathetic excuse of a weapon in UT2k4 lol the lightning gun on the other hand is a different story, but the fire rate was almost non-existent and you had absolutely no room for error when using it.

Oh wait.

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