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Simple items

Sources for more items. Need to be improved (Warning: horrible Bezier job), add K_'s hook and lg, pick colors and set is pretty much complete. Then feedback changes.

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Nice! Good job, I'll adjust the size and such, when making them TGA so we can try them in-game.

Why do they only work on some few servers and single player?

Because they require sv_simple_items to be set to 1 - and this is a server side setting.

Ah, that's bad...

Wtf? Why are the videos above all about that FLIPPIN' MILITARY SHOOTER?!

Hahahaha, my bad! I set a custom code to replace [video=youtube] with [yt] but I left the video link I was testing instead of using the actual specified video's address. Should be fixed now.

Hahaha! Big Grin

On today's autobuild (Windows), I couldn't get the simple items to go away! I manually imputed "cl_simple_items 0" and even deleted the simple items.pk3 I download from this thread, but unfortunately, I was still left with the default simple items... Huh

zzz_simpleitems-v0r4.pk3 is the latest version?
Any other sets that are ready to use yet?

You should ask rafallus or K__ in PM. But I haven't heard of K__ in a while :/

Apparently so.

However, I've sent sources for rest of set to K_, he told he'd clean them up and tweak them but got no response to this day.

If anyone willing to push it to the end, I have concepts for the rest of the set, that need some polish - notably I'm pretty bad with curves.

I can't wait til Simple Items works on all servers..

Now it's only HLAC left, I made a placeholder though. I mark this as version 1, only stuff that's left is HLAC and polish of the other items ofc, it's mostly New Toys which needs polish.

It contains tga's, xcf's, vector's and a pk3 to try it out.

And yes, I'm K, I apologies everyone I've fooled, if that's the correct word, I've actually played since 0.5, but I only played Overkill and CTS in 0.5. The reason I got many XonStat's profiles has nothing to do with changing name though, it's because I like to try and learn different operating systems, and I haven't backup the files each time. I changed name because I behaved bad before and wanted a new start, but I now realize that this name changing is even worse, I'm really sorry. If you wanna continue that discuession please do so in PM or start a new thread.

Thank you Smile

Merge both forum accounts and let K_ "die" ? Smile

Some polish indeed added, still not fully satisfied though. Made a shortcut for fuels, using standard circle instead of bothering with funny shape for a handle.
Some polish to rifle/fireball curves, still not release worthy IMO however. Made hlac analogically to prior one.

BTW why simple items don't work in current autobuild at all?

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.zip (Size: 16.84 KB / Downloads: 13)

Great! I did polish the TAG Seeker a bit if you didnt saw that, made it leap in the same angle as the RL and mortar and also made some of the gaps in it more correct

Simple items were accidentally broken on August 1, the branch mrbougo/simple_items_fix fixes it, I have submitted a merge request for it.

(08-09-2012, 05:03 PM)machine! Wrote: Great! I did polish the TAG Seeker a bit if you didnt saw that, made it leap in the same angle as the RL and mortar and also made some of the gaps in it more correct

I've seen it, and honestly, I'd rather keep angle different to make it easier to tell it apart from RL.


Simple items should be fixed in the next autobuild!


simple items indeed are working in current autobuild.

BTW @machine
Are you doing anything with those non-core models now?

Not really been bussy, I'll maybe continue if I get some free time.

Started working on a new overall style...

[Image: preview.png]

I thought it would fit better with Xonotic's futuristic style, opinions?


What is best?

Having the same Health item and Armor item but in different colors like in Quake?

Or having different Health items and Armor items but in same color like in my and rafallus simple items set?

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