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[SUGGESTION] Anti Vehicles Weapons philosphy

Ok, I have idea.

In order to destroy Vehicle we must destroy it's shields and then it's armor. We don't create extra weapons to destroy vehicles. Instead we go with extra dmg from ENERGY BASED weapons against SHIELD and extra dmg from CONVENTIONAL weapons against armor.

That would spice up gameplay imo, because player would need to learn deal with vehicles in the different way he deal with ordinary enemies. Quick weapon swapping and so forth.


Nex destroys everything other than walker (flyer literally has no chance against a nexer with good aim).

To kill a walker, either use flyer (bomb first then shoot your clip kill in ~2 seconds), 2-3 nexers (takes ~6-12 seconds), close-up hagar (~6-10 seconds) with laser jumping, another walker (~3-4 seconds), racer missiles (they do a lot of damage but hard to hit ~15 seconds), hlac while crouched (will annoy and cause retreat) or any other combinations you can come up with. Its a big fat and slow target, killing it is not all that hard once you accept the fact that you can be easily killed in process if oyu make a mistake.

Well, I'm not crying here about me being unable to destroy vehicles. I just thought, we can and more "spice" to the subject.

Sure thing, but there are already ~10 different weapons, with 2 specialised ones (mine layer and seeker), why add more when there are some that are capable of filling the role already? (I would understand if we only had 3 guns).

Well Troy - my idea is not about adding NEW weapons - just make existing ones act different when it comes to vehicles.

I would be for turning seeker into stricte anti-vehicle weapon, you hardly see it on other maps anyway.

I always seem to get in either one of two situations against the walker, either it becomes peekaboo from behind cover until either I die quickly or eventually I manage to shave enough from the tank to destroy it (and even then might get killed by the driver). In the other case I manage to get close enough to take advantage of its slow turning, but I'm unable to do the damage I need and die anyway. I would love the shotgun melee slap to be extra effective against the walker or something like an explosive charge. It would be nice to be able to have the risk/reward of getting close to such a vehicle to destroy it.

swinging you weapon caveman style should do extra damage against a high tech tank? somehow that don't seem right to me.. xD If one player can take out a vehicle solo with little effort, the whole point of vehicle's is questionable. two ppl, at least one one using uzi or some other high rate of fire weapon (suppressing the shield regen), can take out a spider fairly easily. raptor is already very easy to take out, likely so much that it needs some sort of buffing.

When out in the open I do agree that one player shouldn't be able to take out the spider, but I would like to see it possible when making clever use of the terrain, so it is still possible on a low-populated server.
Also, shotgun slap on vehicle unrealistic? I use that all the time IRL while traveling 200 km/h on foot with 10 weapons on my back. Wink

The issue is the "spice" you want would make the tougher vehicles even harder to kill...
its a nice idea ... I just think it would confuse people

... maybe if energy weapons stunned the vehicle for a sec ... and made it all electricy while stunned ... that would be cool ... and make the HLAC feared by all drivers

edit :: this should probably be moved to the suggestions part of the forum ...

(04-08-2012, 11:36 PM)hutty Wrote: ... maybe if energy weapons stunned the vehicle for a sec ... and made it all electricy while stunned ... that would be cool ... and make the HLAC feared by all drivers

I have been thinking about this for a bit, how about making the hook secondary not hit players, but only disable vehicles for a few seconds? Basically making it an EMP bomb. That way it would be most effective on the walker, since the others would be hard to hid. It would also give players with a bit of firepower time to attack, and those who have not the time to run to a safer place. You would still take a lot of risk getting close, and having the hook in hand would have the disadvantage that you can't use it to harm normal players in any way. Seems like a reasonable payoff to me.

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