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[SUGGESTION] new gamemode catf (collect all the flags)

i was thinking of ways to explain ctf for the sp campain (i thought of none)

but I did think of a new gametype

CATF or collect all the flags ...

each team has 4 or 5 ish flags ...
all of them are on a designated platform platform...
to win a team has to get all the flags from both teams onto their team's platform...

there is no flag returning in this ... the flags would have to be return manually (maybe they shouldn't be flags ... or keys ... something else)

First thought:
Too similar to Key Hunt (which needs more teamplay, cause you need to meet to score Tongue)?

A similar game mode exists in Team Fortress Classic.
Both teams have 1 flag in there base. There are an additional 2 flags somewhere in the map (outside of red/blue base).
When the round starts both teams need to try and get all 4 flags in there base, taking the 2 in the map and steeling the last one from the enemy base.
When you die as flag carrier, the flag returns to the place you took it from.

What may be more interesting is that "game mode data" is programmed in the map and not in the core engine. That way every map can have a different mode.
Sadly probably not technically feasible.
Skyward Fire

if maps could describe a new gamemode via a script ... that would be cool ... but yeah ... not feasible

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