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[SUGGESTION] Simple tweaks to improve bot AI

(05-10-2012, 07:14 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: It won't be autoexec if it's not in the data directory.
It will be if you run with -game [directory]. Then Xonotic/[directory/autoexec.cfg will be run or any ~/.xonotic/[directory]/autoexec.cfg.

My point is more that it keeps everything entirely seperate as a mod so can be switched on and off. When it's off it's totally excluded from the Xonotic file system.
I'm at least a reasonably tolerable person to be around - Narcopic

W4RP1G's solution does not duplicate the data directory (including dlcache!) and can be switched on and off without restarting the game.

I feel we're derailing this thread a bit Big Grin

While we're at AI, as of current autobuild (or maybe a few back) bots seem to be a lot more consistent at following goals in DOM and CTF. Less so in AS and not sure about ONS (but probably yes).

There is an important bug in bot AI though

(05-10-2012, 06:38 AM)edh Wrote: Why not do that as a mod in a different directory instead? That way you don't risk breaking anything. Just have your godlikebots.txt in /godlikebots (for example) and also add in there an autoexec.cfg with the aliases and otherstuff.
Just putting the option out there. I definitely wouldn't break anything though.

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