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[SUGGESTION] Fix and update bot movement

I play with bots almost all of the time, except when I am playing 1v1's in college with my friend...
I like to play clan arena and last man standing with them, but they tend to go to their AFK spots and not shoot back until forced out of the position...
And when they arn't stuck, their movement is linear and... boring to aim at... they don't try to evade at all.
Look at the nightmare bots on Quake Live, they jump and strafe around like a player would, and never fall off into lava! I love those bots, but they only stick to their favourite weapons on clan arena, and they keep pushing forward when you are pre-firing from every corner you run away from...

The bots are half of the game to me and my college friends, please put some more love into them! :3
And I would love it even more if there was more than one bot personality, different personalities that do things like... different priorities and different usage of weapons? just something to mix things up instead of having the same old predictable bot everywhere.

Oh oh! and have more bots to add! 9 just... isn't enough chaos for us. :I

There's no limit to how many bots you can have (well, up to 255 I guess...) You said you can't have more than 9, where did you get that number from?

Anyway, making a good bot IA is quite complicated. If you happen to know anything about FPS AIs, you're welcome to help. But currently, I don't think we have a developer who is either willing or capable to take on such a big task. Sorry!

9 is the maximum number that you can set via menu.

Try: g_minplayers X
(x = number)

The correct command is: minplayers X
You might also have to adjust "maxplayers" (the amount of players/bots that can connect to your server) and "g_maxplayers" (the amount of players allowed to play at the same time; duel = 2, 4v4 = 8 etc.).

Can I assign bots to teams manually? I want to add lots of bots to the other teams, and none on the human teams. :o

iirc thats done in the console with "bot_vs_human #" where # is the number of bots to add for each human player.

No, bots_vs_human spawns the number of bots you just filled in, but will keep the total amount of players on the same level. (So making it 10 will spawn 10 bots, and for every player joining one bot will leave.)

But you can definetely set this number very high to spawn a crapton of bots.

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