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How to use configs

Hi, Im new and i just downloaded a config. I would like to know how to exec it on windows7 and where to place the cfg file.

Im not using windows but i think you are supposed to put the cfg in a folder called savedgames or something in the users dir. Dont forget to name it config.cfg

Also welcome to the game :-) dont forget to check the basics guide here on the forums !

I am using Win 7 and what you should do is very simple:

Put config.cfg in Saved Games/Xonotic/data

PS: Saved Games folder should be in your user folder on C://

You don't have to name it config.cfg - that is like a default name for your config.
You can put downloaded configs in the folder and exec them in the console (open it with shift+esc in game).

exec FILENAME.cfg

Example: You have the file awesome.cfg -> exec awesome.cfg

If you replace config.cfg, you'll lose your existing configuration.

If you name it otherwise and exec it in autoexec.cfg, it will have priority over your config.cfg file, so some settings in the menu might seem like they are not being saved.

So it all depends on what the config file contains and what you want to do with it. Care to tell us more about the config?

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