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Matuka's Aerowalk Textures V1.1 !!!Updated!!!

(07-22-2012, 12:21 AM)hutty Wrote: 1 ... why no .shader files ?
Textures generally dont need any shader files unless you want to add effects to them.

(07-22-2012, 12:21 AM)hutty Wrote: 2 ... 24bit tga textures ... great for quality ... however I imagine that it would take forever to download ...
well, its the price you pay for quality

(07-22-2012, 12:21 AM)hutty Wrote: 3 ... why are you not capable of recompiling? are you confused by the mapping setup ... is there not .map file in the pk3?
Its a quake 3 map and they nearly never come with a map source. nearly no quake 3 mapper uses an open license for their maps. so you only can decompile and retexture it from a scratch or rebuild it from a scratch. Item or spawn changes can be done by using an ent. file

(07-22-2012, 03:40 AM)Micha Wrote: This looks great. The old version looks like a Quake 2 map, this looks much like Xonotic.
its based of the quake 3 version of this map
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(07-22-2012, 12:21 AM)hutty Wrote: you are going about this in the strangest of manners ... which isnt a bad thing ... its just strange ...

a couple of things

1 ... why no .shader files ?

2 ... 24bit tga textures ... great for quality ... however I imagine that it would take forever to download ... but seeing as this is downloaded out of game its not really an issue

3 ... why are you not capable of recompiling? are you confused by the mapping setup ... is there not .map file in the pk3? ... or something else ...

4 .. "hand made specular maps "... if you find a way to make these other than hand ... do let me know

5 "Ambient Occlusion" -- had to google that to see what it meant ... Tongue

anyways ... you are doing a very very nice job ... its just your way about it is so unusual that I cant really give any constructive advice

I'm glad that you've posted. Firstly to state a few things - All that I've set out to do and will do is retexture the map. Now I will admit that the way that its set out to be doesn't quite look like that. I wanted to release a set of textures that are to be used client side - I wanted them to be optional and to be installed by the user via extracting the textures from an archived file into their game data folder. However I take it that around these parts people didn't understand that notion initially and thought that it would be packed up with the map. Which is completely not what I was initially striving for. I can't blame them. I didn't explain it what-so-ever.

Mirio then made a packaged archive that includes the map of which is under a different name - I guess he took it that I was actually updating the map; all I was doing was replacing image files. I guess that also made people a lot more confused. I actually see Mirio's method of just updating the map a little bit more difficult and less optional for users of which isn't what I wanted - But! It keeps it all the same and much more consistent in some other aspects which is actually a lot better. So I decided to adopt that method, which will mean that if I ever do update this again, I'll have to release the new map package and then contact the popular server administrators to update their map.

Moving on from this - Theres no shader file, I've not learned how to make shader files for the DarkPlaces engine. My previous work was either with games that either supported shader maps out of the box without much form of writing required to get the shader maps to work. It's on the to-do list, definitely - Just will take a lot of playing about.

Also specular maps can be generated using programs such as CrazyBump or nDo2 - I am strongly against people using generated stuff such as generated normal maps and specular maps. nDo2 is the only tool out there that I have found that is actually quite good for generating normal maps. However for generating specular maps - Big no no. Takes seconds to make a specular map by hand and you get better, realistic and efficient specular maps. It really makes the material represent what its supposed to be. All in all - I despise generating things unless I'm either lazy or I can get away with it.

Either way I'm glad that you like the job that I've done. I'm just trying to bring this old gem from 2003 up to better standards for Xonotic as its a placeholder map until we get some new content on the road.

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