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Poll: Should the name tag of invisible players be hidden?
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[SUGGESTION] Don't display name of invisible players

The invisibility power-up is quite useless because you can still see the player's name above his head. I think it would be a good idea to hide the player name of invisible players. This might lead to harder fights for the power-up.

I agree with the adding such feature, but I dislike the approach with a poll about it.

My suggestion on all these suggestions:
1. Suggest your suggestion - so ppl can know about it
2. Discuss it - so the suggestion can develop and become better and more like all want it
3. Find a man for the job - so it can be implemented
4. Then vote about adding it or not - the last thing is to decide if it should be implemented or not

That's not a feature request, that's a bug. Submit it to the tracker.

I actually caught this bug a week ago, was going to fix it but got distracted with other things... now i'm traveling, so can't really fix it at the moment. Perhaps if I find some more spare time on my laptop, but not sure.

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