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[CTF] forts 'n' tower

Big CTF map. Good for matches with a lot of people.

[LINK REMOVED] Keep reading, new version is out.

It has 8 vehicles and 4 turrets per team.

A strengh will be found at the top of the tower in the middle of the map. It is also a nice place to spot enemies.

Vehicles are mostly for support. They can destroy turrets very fast but they won't have it easy against players.

Some screenshots in this album

New version is out. Lots of changes, additions and improvements. Thanks to the people from MoN Vehicle server for the feedback.



-Flag is now inside a room, vehicles now won't have it that easy to protect it.

-Racers corridor is longer, now you wont crash as easy when taking the racer at the back.

-Ramps outside are now smoother. Hopefully racers will be able to pass there without crashing so easily.

-Container outside the pipes corridor moved so that racers can pass more freely.

-Added doors to the spiderbots room. Now the hk turret won't attack you inside the enemy base. Only in the spiderbots room.

-Moved the hk turret in the spiderbots room, decreased its health and damage. Now it will only attack you if you try to steal the enemies' spiderbots.

-Removed most of the patches inside the bases (in the chairs). Now you will have a bit more fps.

-Added some hinting in the bases. It will also give you more fps now.


-3 jetpacks. One inside the tower, at the bottom. And one on each side floating in the middle of the pipes.

-info_location entities. Now you can use the %l tag in your binds. hey are not perfect but they work ok.

-Several items and weapons added to the tower. Now it will be worth taking a look at it.

-Items added to the top corridor of each base. Now taking that way to the flag room is worth too.

-Items added to the main room of each base. It was also being avoided because it didn't have items at all.

-Some weapons and health items added to the spiderbots corridor. Now players inside vehicles won't have it that easy to kill players on foot in that corridor.


-Added texture to the box outside. No more wallhacks.

-Removed overlapped raptor in both bases. No more uncolored vehicles.

-Some textures fixed and other minor things done.


I really like it. Just checked it out, really nice. Wink

I didn't notice any Low FPS really. Was running very well.

Thanks for this great map.

[Image: QD2BT.png]

This map has air and freedom in it.

Awesome map! I really love this kind of maps.

After having played the map for some hours in a full server (MoN Vehicles) i've make a new version to improve gameplay. Details in the first post.

I built another release to fix a door i had forgotten needed fixing. Link in first post

I loved this map. But the yetpack broke the fun. Everyone flies around with it. No need to take down turrents. No need for vehicles.

Sorry but playing on recent version is no fun anymore.

This. Map. Is EPIC! I love it. There's plenty of variety, the visuals are very nice and the layout is almost spot-on. Big Grin

FPS can be low in places and I don't like the way weapons are placed. Why pair weapons together? It looks weird. Also, most of the weapons are just spread around at random. It would be nice if you could add an armoury or make item placement a little bit more structured.

I agree that the jetpack makes capping a little bit easy in places, especially when you have the shield powerup!

PS Why is there not a nex anywhere? Or have I not been looking hard enough?

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