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Smoke Break


For those of you that don’t know, Smoke Break is a North-American based clan that has been around for over a year. Smoke Break started off as a team for the 2v2 quick-cup. Nifrek and I decided to play together and we needed a name. For the name, we decided on something that we had in common; taking lots of smoke breaks. After finishing tied for 3rd in the 2v2 quick-cup, where we used the 'smoke.' tag, we both just kept the tag on for a while until we decided to just start a clan. This was around the time that Nifrek and I organized, hosted and participated in the first 1v1 tournament for North America. Nifrek took 1st place, beating me in the grand finals. Following the tourney, we expanded our ranks by inviting the people in the list below. There is no real structure to the clan and no real 'clan leader'. It is just smoke break.


[Image: caddjca.png]smoke.srkdy stats | profile | youtube
[Image: us4ijl0.png]smoke.galtath stats | profile
[Image: us4ijl0.png]smoke.spinda stats | profile
[Image: us4ijl0.png]smoke.dizzy stats | profile | youtube | picture


[Image: caddjca.png]smoke.nifrek stats | profile
[Image: us4ijl0.png]smoke.Bolwind stats | profile

IRC CHANNEL: #smokebreak on Quakenet (webchat)

Come join us on IRC or see us in-game. Happy fragging and have a wonderful day!

Hello. Tongue
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8


I always thought it was just "smoke" until i watched one of antibody's commentaries

You guys are doing a good job monopolizing good duelists

It's only a matter of time until every top 10 player has smoke. in their name Tongue

.... and I still cant beat them ...

...about time you make a post here :3...

Hutty and I drive by galtath's house every few weeks to pump some bullets through the front wall while they're all sitting around "smoking".

Get off our turf.
[Image: 2879.png]

go bowl your wind.

Whoa srkdy, you still exist?! The Washington servers disappeared from my list. :<
(06-14-2012, 11:13 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: EDIT: also, defining λ_water as V_nail / V_water, you infer that there is water everywhere. You just drowned. Dead people don't make invalid arguments, therefore you lose.

[ FA | YouTube ]

(And yes, if the Fur Affinity link hasn't already given it away, I'm a furry.)

Ahh smoke break clan, I've seen a few duels from their players which I could best describe as average, although its good for insomniac who want to fall asleep while watching it or people who wanna know what boring feels like.
[Image: 1328.png]

ey srkdy, you should edit this since i've come out as a trans-species pokemon, we have dizzy now, and bolwind is mostly inactive.

(10-11-2013, 09:52 AM)spinda Wrote: ey srkdy, you should edit this since i've come out as a trans-species pokemon, we have dizzy now, and bolwind is mostly inactive.

Changes have been made, thanks for the reminder. I've updated the first post the the new information and even got to add a picture of one of our members! Let me know if there's anything I missed or should fix.
[Image: 2823.png]

You HAD to put that embarrassing Christmas photo up.
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