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adding custom maps

hey there,

can you please give me detailed information where to put what kind of data to have custom maps in the maplist. i tried the whole night, but no luck.

here´s what i got so far:
  • map files in .pk3 format sit around xonotic/data/
  • g_maplist "" // should incorporate all maps that support gametype
  • g_maplist_check_waypoints 0 // dont give shit if bots go well
  • mapname.mapinfo contains "gametype ft" for example
  • mapname.pk3 is downloadable from a webserver
  • sv_curl_defaulturl is set to that server url

first of all, i just uploaded a descent selection of maps that i collected while playing in dlcache. so these files have worked. i put them into xonotic/data/ folder, but no luck. do i need to trigger some mapscan manually? (i already cleared the ~/.xonotic/data/ space, still no luck).

then i put extracted content from some .pk3 files in xonotic/data/maps (and /gfx respectively) and then the maps start showing up in the voting screen and lsmaps shows them, too.

but the maps are bugged, black map errors or only jump pads in nice fog light.

what´s the standard m.o. to include maps? i remember having run xonotic servers that just ate the .pk3 files and showed them in-game. any hints?


Do fs_rescan on the server to scan for new pk3 files. To unload a pk3 from the server you have to restart the server.

Extracting the map will trigger the black map problem on the clients because the server doesn't have any pk3 associated with it that it can tell the client to load. Therefore the client loads nothing and this happens. That's why you need to keep maps packed.

When you have a black map issue, have a look at the log in the client's console. If the map URL returned a 404, you'll know.

To see what bsp files (that is, maps) are loaded you can do ls maps/*.bsp in the server console.

Are you trying to add maps of your own?

i do the fs_rescan i get no message, then i thought the maps would be crawled and added. but no luck. i do get why the maps look black or bugged now. i removed the extracted data already. now i´m back to the standard map selection...

no, i don´t try to put selfmade maps to the server (yet; i´m sitting on ugly but playable maps, though). i more likely did this:

i changed the mapinfo files for some favoured maps (i.e. aviation, crucible and aneuysm ) so the mapinfo contains "gametype ft" // i want more maps for freezetag action

then i changed the folders to aviation-t17repack, zipped it, renamed it to .pk3 and put it into xonotic/data/ and copied these .pk3 files to the webserver´s htdocs. i can manually trigger the pk3 download. the problem is, the maps are not recognized at all to be playable.

edit: is there some file permission dependency to have the engine extract pk3 files? i just am out of ideas.

You could also simply use the original pk3s, extract their mapinfo serverside in data/maps and modify that. That way clients don't have to cache the same map twice for just a changed mapinfo.

[s]Anyway, I'd like the address of your server. That way I can record a demo, join, and have a look in the demo file for what commands your server is sending me.[s] (EDIT2)

EDIT: Is your server "R' | Overkill | Trick17" ?

EDIT2: Actually, scratch that. I want you to run the server in the state that gives you black maps, then record a demo on a black map and send it to me. You can attach .zip files on the forum I think.

you need a curl_urls.txt with the mapdl location in ~/.xonotic/data
tzork@srv02:~/.xonotic/data$ cat curl_urls.txt

if you have more then one repos it would be something like:
pack1.pk3 http://server1.tdl/whatever/
pack2.pk3 http://server2.tdl/somethign/

thx for the replies. i added /.xonotic/data/curl_urls.txt

i think i got the damn thing running!

kudos for the link to the map repository, tZork! So i could pick some favourite maps that gonna go on my server as well.
also big up to Mr. Bougo for pointing stuff out, best tip: just have the .mapinfo file in data/maps/ and leave the pk3 packages untouched.

last question just to clarify: the .mapinfo file must match the name of the .map or .bsp file? or does it need to match the .pk3 file?

Eh, curl_urls.txt is only necessary if you use multiple sources. If you only use one, setting sv_curl_url is enough.

The mapinfo must match the name of the bsp. There is no requirement on the name of the pk3, it can be anything no matter the contents. The name of the pk3 only matters in the loading order, as they are loaded alphabetically. Which is also why mappers should be careful to release updates of their maps in alphabetical order.

Anyway, if you want to override the pk3's mapinfo, it has to have the exact same name of the file that you want to override. Uncompressed files take priority over pk3 archives and pk3dir directories.

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