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Fooling around with layering instruments

Hey guys, so as many of you know I do a lot of musical shit (piano mostly)-- but you might not know that I also play guitar (and by extension, bass)-- I recently got a new bass, and decided it would be fun to layer it together in a quick/rough recording. The song is original (wrote it last night around 4am.... Big Grin) and will be continued later, but for now it's just a small snippet of the beginning.

Again, it's rough. I'm not a particularly great guitar player, so. Also, the piano part is cheap... doesn't sound right and I didn't spend much time writing it, so i've provided 2 versions:

Soundcloud link with piano...
Soundcloud link WITHOUT piano...

Nice stuff, I like it better without piano though.

cool mate Big Grin


[Image: 227.png]

Cool stuff man. And I always dig the creative use of open strings, nice.
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
Announcer mic check and forum thread.

Sounds cool, but the piano is off key a lot of the time. Also, I'd recommend doing some nice meaty chords and not frilly stuff (I play the piano too). Smile

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