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[CTF] Star Wheels

So, here is it! My first map.
Started this 'project' 1 year ago, but could not be bothered to finish it.
Now I got motivated and I did it in a few days with big help of Debugger! Thanks. Wink

It's basically a sort off "Eggandbacon" in space. Tongue


The map is supposed to be ugly with weird gameplay. Anything is intentional.

[Image: starwheels.jpg]

I played it.
Great map.

The random teleporters really allows for some slow paced tactical gameplay.
needs to be on pickup servers immediately.

also needs moar HLAC

That could be made of any [PB] member.

Haahaa. Very funny map, but the chaospotential is OMFG. Big Grin
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

I like it. I always liked eggandbacon. eggandacon was overpower, but this is realllly OP. Due to this it is very bot unfriendly. I kept bunny hopping back and forth throwing the just-respawned blue bots offf the map. And they couldn't do a thing about it. Its great for practicing your aim.

Although getting to the other side is reallly problematic.

P.S. when i looked at the .map it was empty. Completely blank.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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