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About Us:
We are a community/clan and our goal is to stop racism in gaming.We really want to keep gaming strong and get as much much gamers as we can as a community. WBGS would like any clan member or gamer to join on TS3 as long as your down to earth and mature.For people looking to join a clan *CLAN*X* is a decent clan for people looking for a clan and nice place to hang out in after I I don't ask for donation or money I fund this all by my self there is not even a donation box on our site.

Thank you for your interest in *CLAN*X*. Once Your application has been processed and sent to the proper person(s) of the game you applied for. You will receive a response to your application within a few days, if not feel free to reply to me directly " " Hopefully we will see you with the *CLAN*X* tags in the very near future! Things to remember: 1. You need to download Teamspeak3 and have a working microphone 2. *CLAN*X* only wants respectful members and are eager to play fair and game hard! Yours truly,

*CLAN*X*K1dX-CA<WBGS>Clan Founder / Owner

1. No Racism at all any kind will result in Perm Ban.

2.No Cheating Hackers/Cheaters will be banned and we can tell your hacking with a B.S Score/Ratio.

3.Do NOT harass players on our server or Team Speak in doing so will result in a perm ban.

4.Do not ask for admin admin is a privilage and we decide who gets admin when.

5.No flaming on any of our servers if your coming in to flame with other well known members
your looking for a ban.

6.Please Refrain from politics they casue heated debates that we wanna avoid.

7.No Console Warz as this is a gaming community and we support all platforms now before it used to be PC only now its every thing.

8.Keep Local Communications in English. As with the forums, it is the common language for the Community.

9.No offensive language in public chat channels (including Local).

10.No internet Bullying if you do so and i see it or it gets reported you will then get banned on the spot we have a low tolerance and rarely give people a second chance.

Gl and hf! Smile

(11-26-2012, 01:53 AM)machine! Wrote: Gl and hf! Smile

Thanks I think your one of the most Aspiring dudes on here thanks alot man.

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