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o hai thar

I'm HitmanNumber86

I used to do combat PC games ages ago. I played Delta Force and Operation Flashpoint online. I'm tired of mutiplayer on my Xbox, and I hate the politics of it.

I'm getting into more open source and indie games. I've always been a fan of high-speed shooters but the consoles never get them right (matchmaking is fucking stupid).

Xonotic I found a few days ago, and it has to be one of the best shooters I've ever played, so here I am.

Hello there!

Do you mean Novalogic's Delta Force? If so, I really enjoyed playing Tachyon and F-22 Lightning 3. Smile

elo dere

o hai!

Try minsta out if you like super fast paced stuff Big Grin
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

@rocknroll237 I loved the hell out of F-22 Lightning. It gave me a whole different level of respect for that marvelous aircraft. I had a flightstick with a filp-fire cover, a multibutton throttle, but I could never find decent rudder pedals.

@kammy I like it, but I need some better experience with the mouse/keyboard configuration. Combat shooters never have a high demand for speed.


you should get a nice HUD/keybind setup real soon; xon is all about the fast weapon switching, and you need to reach those weapons fast, because this is what you are going up against.

In addition be sure to read fully Halogene's indescribably helpful basics of the basics thread

and #xonotic.pickup on for a nice pickup game of any kind.



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