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AbsolutioN - Frag movie by kojn!

So here's the frag movie some people know I've been making for some time now, decided to get it out for this evening, may upload a new version with a few minor tweaks/fixes next week.

Length is 6 minutes 15 seconds @50fps, footage is from duel, CTF, DM & TDM. (For some reason it is no where near as smooth on YT as it is as a download).

I went for a specific style in this movie, some people will like it - some people won't. It's very relaxing & refreshing in my opinion to the usual Xonotic videos.

If your a fan of aim/frag run video's hopefully you'll appreciate/enjoy this, those who prefer multi air rockets etc may not, either way have fun & hope you enjoy, another Xonotic frag movie to add to the current collection!

MQ @ 50fps download link

I'm going to upload it onto asyyy's FTP, because imo it is horrible on YT. Downloadable version is a lot smoother and the colours/style/atmosphere all just looks and feels better

[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Yay, good job! Great editing and great frags, some was really awesome. Smile

This config is fucking awesome

Uploading the movie now to asyyy's FTP.

(03-10-2013, 03:33 PM)Galtath Wrote: This config is fucking awesome

I will upload it at some point, unfortunately youtube has washed a LOT of the colour/brightness/sharpness out of the video as well as it not playing back like it's 50fps either, which is why I'm uploading it to asyyy's ftp so people can watch it as it should look.

Getting a slow upload rate so it won't be up until around 3am my time this evening.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(03-10-2013, 03:45 PM)kojn^ Wrote: Uploading the movie now to asyyy's FTP.



Mind telling me how you setup the simple items?
or linking me to a guide of some sorts. I would greatly appreciate that Smile
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

(03-10-2013, 05:39 PM)kammy Wrote: awesome!.

Mind telling me how you setup the simple items?
or linking me to a guide of some sorts. I would greatly appreciate that Smile

Install autobuild and use cl_simpleitems 1, but it must be enabled on the server too. I can try create a pk3 when I got time, unfortunaly I don't have the package I sent to kojn left.

I still have the pk3 will upload it later on if you want it.
Movie should be uploaded to asyyy's ftp now as long as nothing buggered up last night, he will need to check though and post the link to it as I've forgotten it.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Download @

Cheers asyyy. I shall update the main post with the link when I get home. Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


nice movie!
i especially liked the music choice Smile

Thanks Ramses
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Very nice movie, I loved the frags from 1:36 - 2:10. plz share ur config Smile. also whats the cvar to make the nex beam fade like in the movie?
[Image: 1328.png]

It's a effectsinfo file Osiris.

I will package everything together when I get a moment, config, settings, effectsinfo, simpleitems pk3 I have etc.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


But you should only use the effects mods to make videos. If you get caught using that in game, you might be banned for cheating.

Nice air electros!

enjoyed it, especially the rocket jump + nex shot on warfare.
Perfect music selection, as usual.

Wow. That was indeed very refresing!
I loved the look and sound if it.
Also some nice editing tricks and shots paced in sync with music (snare+nex duo - oh yes!) made me smile wider that usual.

Greeeeat job!
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

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