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[SUGGESTION] Two improvements in percentile calculations

Hi all, can I report some considerations about percentile calculations?

1. The percentile formula is probably written as 1-p/n, instead of 1-(p-1)/(n-1). Players ranked 1 in their respective ladder should in fact have a percentile of 100.00, while they have a slightly lower number (and the difference is circa 1/n). Players ranked last (excluding what I say in 2.) have a 0.00 percentile, so I think the denominator is at the moment n (and not n-1).

2. n should be the total number of players ranked in the considered ladder, not the last position listed. That's because in any ladder there are a lot of players with the same ELO of 100.00, and then ranked pari merito with the same position number. If a player is the first above them, he shouldn't have a nearly zero percentile, because he is stronger than all of them.


Hey afullo, just so that you know your suggestion isn't ignored:

It will be fixed after the next upgrade i guess. Smile
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Note that you can get an account on the bug tracker and click "watch" to get an email notification whenever this issue is updated.

Ok, thanks, I stay tuned. Smile

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