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[SUGGESTION] Reworking Multiplayer GUI

I know this would require a lot of work - but it could be worth it! Wink

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1075]

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[Image: 788.png]

What is wrong with the current multiplayer menu? Personally I find it really good.
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I don't think that the current one is bad - but I think this system could make things a lot easier for duels, ranking and newbies.
This new System would give you the opportunity to choose manualy as well.
Also this system would be directly linked to Xonstat, what would be so nice to see!
[Image: 788.png]

Matchmaking through launcher or in-game is a great idea and would probably take more work than UI.

Okey, so instead of being able to click once and get into a server you have to click loads of options before? Sounds like bad design to me.

nah, its two seperate issues, serverbrowser is ok

well the matchmaking system for ctf dm tdm etc could just look at the pings and people on the servers and only for dueling there would be the issue of a serverside system.
@machine! i hope you have eyes to see the big "serverbrowser" butten next to the big "find game" heading in the image in post #1 Wink so where are the big options to click?
[Image: 788.png]

Sorry! (still don't like the idea though Tongue )

Well, I like the idea! Big Grin

If you leave the old serverbrowser in the game, I think it can be useful for everyone. However the new "guided" server selection will only make sense once we have more players, but I'm sure this will be the case some time. Right now, the "die-hard" players mostly know which server they want to join (heck, I'm not even using the serverbrowser too often) Wink

@rainerzufalldererste: If you need help with the Xonstat-API or with the server querying, just ping me in IRC! I needed both things for XonPickup, and the Xonstat-API could even be extended if you need specific features.
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Even though this is a good idea, there are too many things which are more important right now.
I agree that a matchmaking system would be a great thing to have as it makes it easier for the casual gamer to have a few nice games (without browsing through a list of nearly empty minsta/OK/xdf servers). But right now I dont think its a goal which can be achieved pre-1.0.

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