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New Translation Website! (Help translate the game!)

(05-28-2019, 11:25 AM)TheSmasher1992 Wrote: Also since Greek is a language with masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives I am including both to not exclude anyone.

There's a context prefix to help you out e.g. "FLAG^Red" where Red is adjective of flag (btw FLAG^ should be removed from the translated string). If in doubt, take a look at source code for a clearer context.

I've just requested a Danish translation for the game. Would love to contribute with that!

(05-22-2018, 01:33 PM)Muleke_Trairao Wrote: I see now that PT-PT and PT-BR are separate. Thank you.
I ask to move my name in the credits to the Brazilian Portuguese Translation section, just so there is no confusion.
Just quoting my comment from last year. The game still needs a separate Brazilian Portuguese section on the credits with my name on it. Right now, there's only "Portuguese" with translators from both PT-PT and PT-BR (me).

Another request: would it be possible to give me a Reviewer role on Transifex so I can review the current PT-BR translation, please? Just so I can organize the quality control process better.

Thanks in advance.

Japanese language is available in the next releases! erebus

[Image: XonoticJapaneseMenuScreenshot.jpg]


The recording didn't go well for me since it didn't allow me to record how the game really runs.
We hope that japanese folks will join the force!  minstanex
Believing is power
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