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[NEEDS INFO] Compiling NetRadiant (Ubuntu 11.10)

Okay, so I have been trying to install NetRadiant, as the title implies, and I wanted to compile it from source, as I could not install the ubuntu 12 package. I installed all of the dependencies, even webp, and libwebp-dev were installed. I used the make command at the directory to which I compiled radiant, and it returned an error message:
file=install/q3map2.i686; mkdir -p ${file%/*}
g++ tools/quake3/common/cmdlib.o tools/quake3/common/imagelib.o tools/quake3/common/inout.o tools/quake3/common/jpeg.o tools/quake3/common/md4.o tools/quake3/common/mutex.o tools/quake3/common/polylib.o tools/quake3/common/scriplib.o tools/quake3/common/threads.o tools/quake3/common/unzip.o tools/quake3/common/vfs.o tools/quake3/q3map2/brush.o tools/quake3/q3map2/brush_primit.o tools/quake3/q3map2/bspfile_abstract.o tools/quake3/q3map2/bspfile_ibsp.o tools/quake3/q3map2/bspfile_rbsp.o tools/quake3/q3map2/bsp.o tools/quake3/q3map2/convert_ase.o tools/quake3/q3map2/convert_obj.o tools/quake3/q3map2/convert_map.o tools/quake3/q3map2/decals.o tools/quake3/q3map2/facebsp.o tools/quake3/q3map2/fog.o tools/quake3/q3map2/image.o tools/quake3/q3map2/leakfile.o tools/quake3/q3map2/light_bounce.o tools/quake3/q3map2/lightmaps_ydnar.o tools/quake3/q3map2/light.o tools/quake3/q3map2/light_trace.o tools/quake3/q3map2/light_ydnar.o tools/quake3/q3map2/main.o tools/quake3/q3map2/map.o tools/quake3/q3map2/mesh.o tools/quake3/q3map2/model.o tools/quake3/q3map2/patch.o tools/quake3/q3map2/path_init.o tools/quake3/q3map2/portals.o tools/quake3/q3map2/prtfile.o tools/quake3/q3map2/shaders.o tools/quake3/q3map2/surface_extra.o tools/quake3/q3map2/surface_foliage.o tools/quake3/q3map2/surface_fur.o tools/quake3/q3map2/surface_meta.o tools/quake3/q3map2/surface.o tools/quake3/q3map2/tjunction.o tools/quake3/q3map2/tree.o tools/quake3/q3map2/visflow.o tools/quake3/q3map2/vis.o tools/quake3/q3map2/writebsp.o libddslib.a libfilematch.a libl_net.a libmathlib.a libpicomodel.a       -lxml2     -lglib-2.0     -lpng12   -ljpeg   -lz -lpthread  -o install/q3map2.i686
tools/quake3/q3map2/image.o: In function `LoadWEBPBuffer':
/home/stas/netradiant-20130630-src/tools/quake3/q3map2/image.c:234: undefined reference to `WebPGetInfo'
/home/stas/netradiant-20130630-src/tools/quake3/q3map2/image.c:248: undefined reference to `WebPDecodeRGBAInto'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [install/q3map2.i686] Error 1
I have been crawling all over the web, and I managed to find not even a drop of knowledge about this problem.
Thanks anyway,
P.S: the netradiant package wasn't in the repos, and nowhere in launchpad(AFAIK & see).

Where did you get the NetRadiant sources?

#3 there's an apt(or is it call deb package?) package compiled for 12.04 LTS.

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